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Biopsy and pathology in Israel


Biopsy and Pathology Study



A biopsy is a procedure of taking a tissue sample or cells, and their medical analysis by pathologist. Biopsy is done for diagnosing.


A qualified pathologist performs tissue examination using a microscope and sometimes
applies chemical techniques for immunological, genetic, and other tests.


Types of biopsy

Incisional biopsy – resection of a tissue piece by a minimally invasive surgery
(endoscopy) such as colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, or in rare cases by an open surgery.


Excisional biopsy – removal of a tumor, suspicious mass, or lymph node. This biopsy is often an adjunct to
the operation, when right away a sample of the removed tissue is sent for histopathological examination. In many cases, when the disease has not yet been diagnosed or the lesion nature is undefined, surgeon usually performs histopathological analysis during surgery (using the method of rapid tissue freezing – Frozen or Cryosection). This approach allows to make an immediate microscopic examination of suspicious tissue. Thus, Israeli specialists receive emergency fresh information whether the tumor is malignant or benign, or whether it is spread in the body, and so on, and they can choose instant decisions to act in a proper way.


Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy – partial extraction of a tissue or fluid sample using a fine needle (FNA). This method is used for performing kidneys biopsy, bone marrow, breast, etc. The extraction technique is relatively safe, and it is
often helps to save on the risks of a surgery. But this procedure must be performed by an experienced specialist in order to avoid accidental internal bleeding, that may lead to additional surgery.


In some cases, it is necessary to provide the Ultrasound or CT guided biopsy.


In Israel histological analysis of a taken sample is carried out in a special hystological laboratory by an
experienced pathologist.


Sometimes due to material insufficiency it is difficult to diagnose right away, so a second biopsy may be required. This is another factor that influences the choice of a surgeon.


Please contact us if you need a biopsy. We will promptly coordinate a consultation with the leading Israeli doctor specialized in your disease. Doctor will determine the biopsy method, that will be coordinated in a prober hospital. All surgical operations and procedures, as a rule, take place at the Assuta Hospital, Ramat Aviv, Sheba, Ichilov or Rabin Medical Center, and performed by an experienced Israeli surgeon.


Lung biopsy – fine needle and bronchoscopy

All diagnostics types

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