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We provide services for international patients who are not sure about their diagnosis or health condition, faced with the choice of a treatment option, require a Reputable Israeli Doctor Second Opinion, a Reliable, Clear Medical Advice, Second Opinion on Biopsy Results / MRI / PET / CT scan, and Advanced Medical Treatment in Best Hospitals in Israel.

We collaborate with Leading Israeli Doctors, Heads of Departments and Research Centers of the biggest Israeli hospitals - Sheba, Assuta, Ichilov, Rabin MC 


We are available during martial law

and holidays in Israel

  • HIGH Medical Standard
  • INNOVATIONS - 6th place globally
  • Newest FDA Protocols
  • HIGH Treatment Outcomes Rate

Best Doctors in 2024 from Forbes and Duns List - Ask doctor Online

List of best Israeli doctors in 2024 from Forbes and Duns Rankings. The doctors are heads of departments and research, and senior staff of the largest hospitals in Israel - Assuta, Sheba, Ichilov.

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