Second opinion



Dear patient,

If you have a health problem or a certain diagnosis, you may wonder if another doctor will look at your test results, talk to you about your personal situation, and can offer more information or a different treatment option, or perhaps give you a different perspective on your medical condition.

Getting a second opinion can help you feel more confident about your diagnosis and treatment plan.

If you have doubts about your medical condition or your diagnosis, if you need the opinion of a leading Israeli doctor and a clear, reliable and professional opinion, please contact us.

Many of our doctors consult remotely via video call – Skype, Viber, Whatsapp or phone. But sometimes it is impossible to answer your questions without a personal examination, so you need to come to Israel for a consultation.

If you have questions about treatment and need a consultation, please send us your medical files and images.

We will contact you in the next few hours and provide all the necessary information about the doctor, the timing and cost of the second opinion.

You can get a second opinion of a leading Israeli expert by phone, Skype, Zoom or e-mail, or visiting Israel.

We will coordinate an appointment and provide all the details.

You will get doctor’s report in English with treatment recommendations.



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When a Second Opinion is necessary

♦ For more accurate diagnosis.

♦ To define a proper treatment option in your case.

♦ Whether precision treatment proper in your case or you should adhere to standard protocol.

♦ In order to determine whether the surgery is necessary or not, or may be postponed.

♦ Interpretation of MRI, CT, MRA, SC, scintigraphy, ultrasound, PET CT, PET AC and any other scans (done in your country) by our nuclear medicine experts (radiologists).

♦ Whether new treatment options are are available for your case.

♦ Whether the prescribed treatment/drugs are right for you.

♦ If you have a rare or unusual diagnosis.

♦ If you want to be sure that you explore all treatment options.

♦ If you think your doctor can’t see that something is wrong with you.

♦ If your doctor is not an expert on your condition.

♦ If your doctor tells you that there is uncertainty about the type or stage of the disease.

♦ If you are faced with the choice of several different treatment options.

♦ If you are having difficulty understanding and communicating with your doctor, and want someone else to explain your options.

♦ When the treatment or a drug is not yet approved in your country but is available in Israel.

♦ In case you have doubts about your diagnosis, and you want to complete or verify it. 

♦ You just need to be sure that you have the correct diagnosis and that you are making the right choice of treatment. 


Documents required for a doctor second opinion

It is very important to provide Israeli doctor with accurate information about your diagnosis and planned treatment.

Make sure you have the following information and always keep a copy for yourself:

  • Pathology report after any biopsy or surgery.
  • MRI / CT / PET CT / Ultrasound report, etc. Discs and images are required.
  • If you had surgery, please provide a copy of your surgery report.
  • If you have been discharged from he hospital, please provide a copy of the hospital discharge letter.
  • A summary of your doctor’s current treatment plan or a plan that was given to you as an option.

Because some medications can have long-term side effects, a list of all your medications, their doses, and when you took them.

You can request copies of your records from your current doctor’s office or medical center where you have been treated. 

Call-Center for an appointment at leading doctors of IsraelContact us if you are not sure about your health condition or diagnosis / faced with the choice of a treatment option / need second opinion of a reputable Israeli doctor  / a reliable, clear medical advice / second opinion on biopsy results / MRI / PET / CT scan / advanced medical treatment in best hospitals in Israel.
We will promptly coordinate a doctor consultation and medical treatment in Israel.
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In Israel you'll find

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  • INNOVATIONS (6th place globally)
  • Newest FDA Protocols
  • HIGH Treatment Outcomes Rate

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