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Dermatology is the division involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin hair and nails.


Due to many years of experience, precision diagnostics, the latest generation of drugs as well as technologically advanced surgical procedures, our medicine copes well in all kinds of dermatological ailments.


Each type of dermatological diseases is treated by a narrow section specialist that makes treatment the most effective and helps improve the quality of life of our patients.


We accept applications for the treatment of patients with all forms of dermatological diseases, any kind and location.


Among the most common diseases are immune-mediated skin diseases such as lupus, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, bullous pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris and others.


Pediatric Dermatology is a separate field that covers a complex disease of the newborn, hereditary diseases or genodermatozy skin as well as many other skin diseases in children.


The modern methods of treatment of dermatological diseases as follows:
 Laser therapy. Used to remove birthmarks, skin diseases (eg, vitiligo), Tattoo removal, cosmetic resurfacing and rejuvenation.

galka Hair removal using a laser or other methods

galka Hair transplant

galka Tattoo removal by laser

galka Facial cleaning

galka Steroid therapy and chemotherapy

galka Tumescent liposuction

galka Cryosurgery. It is used for the treatment of warts, skin cancer and other dermatoses

galka Radiotherapy

galka Vitiligo Surgery. Autologous transplantation of melanocytes, blister grafting

galka Systemic therapy. The use of antibiotics, immunomodulators and new injectables.

galka Mohs surgery. Is excision of skin cancers using a microscope. This operation allows to intraoperative assessment of 100% of the peripheral and deep tumor margins.

galka  Photodynamic therapy. Is used to treat skin cancer and precancerous growths.

galka  Phototherapy – including the use of narrowband UVB, broadband UVB, psoralen and UVB.

galka Cosmetic injections




Digital mapping – early skin cancer diagnosis



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