Israeli dermatologist is a doctor engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, scalp, hair and nails diseases.


We collaborate with the leading Israeli dermatologists, heads of departments of large Israeli hospitals that specialize in the treatment of diseases such as:


♦ Congenital diseases – hemangioma or vascular deformity.

♦ Genetic skin diseases – neurofibromatosis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc.

♦ Autoimmune diseases with skin lesions – pemphigus, lupus, scleroderma.

♦ Infectious diseases caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infections – chickenpox, rubella, measles, scabies, etc.

♦ Skin tumors – angioscaroma, melanoma, skin carcinoma, etc.


Dermatologist can prescribe antibiotics and steroid creams for systemic treatment of skin. In some cases, dermatologists perform microsurgery to remove areas of the skin affected by the disease.


Some of our dermatologists have own developed lines of medicines and cosmetics.


Leading Israeli dermatologists:


Prof. Joseph Alcalai, MD – Dermatologist, venereal diseases, specialist in micrographic surgery


Prof. Sarah Brenner – Specialist in Dermatology. Head Dermatology Unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Prof. Michael David – Specialist in dermatology and psoriasis treatment. Head of the Dermatology Department, Beilinson Hospital.


Dr. Henry Trau, MD – Head of Dermatology Department, Chaim Sheba Medical Center.


Dr. Clara Karabelnik, MD – Specialist in Dermatology and Venerology.


Pediatric Dermatology

Prof. Dani Ben Amitai – Head of Pediatric Dermatology, Schneider, Petah Tikva.


Dr. Avikam Harel, MD – A specialist in the field of dermatology. Head of Pediatric Dermatology Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center.

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