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Below you will find detailed information on how to undergo a medical examination in Israel (examination by a doctor, lab tests, biopsy, visual diagnostics, minimally invasive procedures), how long it takes, where it is carried out, as well as how the whole process looks like before starting treatment. 


Major diagnostics carried out in Israeli medical centers:

By diagnostic type

Lab Tests Molecular Analyses for Personalized Treatment

Genetic Heredity Tests Biopsy and Pathological Analyses 

MRI CT PET-CT US X-ray ECHO Scintigraphy

Mammography Digital Skin Mapping



By specialties 

Orthopedic Examination

Rheumatological Examination

Neurological Examination

Eyes Examination

Urological Examination



Your personal medical evaluation plan in Israel

Our doctors will draw up a diagnostic program in Israel for you personally, and all the details of the plan will be agreed with you.


Medical diagnostics program is compiled for each person particularly. In some cases, these may be standard tests, in others, advanced specialized diagnostics may be required. In order to determine the diagnostics program for you, please send all the medical files you have, discharge letters, expert opinions, test results, discs / images, as well as a detailed medical history including underwent treatment. Israeli doctors prescribe additionally only those diagnostics exams that need to be added or repeated in Israel.


If you do not have any files, please send a description of the symptoms that bother you. We will identify a specialist, coordinate consultation, and provide you a preliminary diagnostics program, which will be adjusted along the way in Israel.



More about all types of diagnostics and their procedure in Israel:

Laboratory tests

As for laboratory diagnostics, the Israeli system for measuring laboratory parameters is different from that used in some other countries. Therefore, our specialists may ask to perform a blood / urine / feces / sputum analysis, etc., in an our laboratory. But in many cases your tests may also be accepted. This must be clarified in advance.



Imaging tests – MRI / PET / CT / US

Visual medical diagnostics is an examination presented in images or videos.


Medical evaluation methods using radiation (X-ray, CT) are often not recommended to be repeated. So, X-rays, CT, magnetic resonance imaging MRI, positron emission tomography PET CT, scintigraphy performed in your country – these are the tests that are accepted by Israeli specialists and are less often repeated here than others. But this is on condition that you provide the discs or images for the consultation.


Regarding ultrasound and echocardiography, their performance depends on the specialist, so these tests are usually performed repeatedly by a certain specialist in Israel.


In Israel, you can also get a second opinion MRI / PET / CT. An experienced Israeli radiologist will carry out an interpretation of MRI, PET, CT scans and issue a report.



Invasive diagnostics

Sometimes, in order to accurately diagnose a disease, an invasive diagnostics is necessary. This is usually a standard procedure when it is necessary to examine patient’s internal organs with a micro camera or if the pathological tissue (or tumor) is located in a place inaccessible without anesthesia (local or general anesthesia).


This can be an aspiration biopsy (biopsy of a tumor with a fine needle under local anesthesia, which takes several minutes) or an endoscopic procedure (more invasive, requiring twilight anesthesia).



Minimally invasive diagnostics (without open surgery):

bronchoscopy in case of lungs or respiratory system diseases;

gastroscopy, colonoscopy in case of digestive problems;

coronary angiography, catheterization in case of heart and cardiovascular system disease;



Such procedures can be both diagnostic (for organs study) and therapeutic. Sometimes a surgeon performing a diagnostic endoscopy, finding a problem, decides to immediately perform a small surgical operation to treat it, and the operation is performed on the spot (for example, removal of intestinal polyps by colonoscopy or stents placement in heart artery during coronary angiography), which is psychologically less traumatic for the patient and time saving.


Endoscopy is performed by experienced Israeli surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, spinal surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, head and neck surgeons, neurosurgeons, dermatological surgeons, gynecological surgeons urological surgeons and others. We will coordinate minimally invasive procedure in advance, providing information about the surgeon, terms and cost.


The tissue removed during an endoscopy or aspiration is sent for pathological examination for diagnosis, which is performed by a specific pathologist, as directed by a leading doctor. The biopsy samples analysis and diagnosis depends on the specialist who performs it. The samples can be sent for biopsy slides second opinion as well.


If you have already undergone a biopsy in your country, you may be asked to take your blocks and slides for revision in Israel. To determine the need for biopsy samples revision in your case, please send us a biopsy report for prior consultation with a specialist. Biopsy slides second opinion is a revision of pathology samples that can be necessary for getting a second opinion from our specialist or confirm/ verify your diagnosis.


Second opinion MRI / PET / CT from an Israeli doctor radiologist may be used for confirming / verifying your diagnosis as well.  


Where is diagnostics performed in Israel?

Israeli doctor prescribes most of the diagnostic procedures to our patients in one of the largest hospitals in Israel. This may be Assuta Medical Center, Ramat Aviv, Ichilov, Sheba, Beilinson (depending on his instruction).


We follow our doctor’s instruction and provide you with prompt medical diagnostics coordination, transfer to the hospital, oral and written translation, and timely test results.


As mentioned above, such a diagnostics as ultrasound, echocardiography and pathological examination or biopsy slides second opinion to confirm / clarify the diagnosis should be performed by certain specialists, according to the instruction of a leading Israeli doctor, or done by himself. Diagnostics methods such as ultrasound and pathology samples study depend on the specialist who performs it, and not on the hospital.


Medical treatment as well as medical evaluation will be performed in one of the medical centers designated by our doctor as well. You can also get medical treatment in your home country according to the results of Israeli diagnosis and treatment guidelines.



Diagnostics timing in Israel

In most cases, the diagnostics procedures and consultations are scheduled before your arrival in Israel. You will have a ready-made schedule and cost to help you plan your trip. Typically, the diagnosis takes about 3-4 days. Then the treatment in Israel is prescribed.


If during the medical evaluation laboratory tests are used, the results of which can be ready only after 2-3 weeks, and you do not need to stay in Israel (in agreement with the doctor), we will arrange an additional consultation online based on the test results and send you an updated report with treatment adjustments or recommendations.


Please note that there are cases when drawing up a preliminary diagnostics program is impossible without a physical examination by a doctor. In such cases, you must come to Israel for an examination. We will inform you in advance of the name of the specialist, terms and cost.

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Eyes tests

Before starting treatment an Israeli ophthalmologist must examine the current state of the eyeball and visual acuity. During the examination primary diagnostics is carried out, and if required more complex procedures - eye CT scan or retinal scan are performed....
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Mammography is a rapid x-ray test used to detect and diagnose breast and armpit tumors. This imaging method is recommended for the early detection of breast cancer and medical treatment in Israel.  (more…)
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Sleep laboratory

Sleep study or polysomnography is a test to diagnose sleep disorders such as snoring, apnea, rapid leg movements during sleep, frequent awakenings, shallow sleep and other cases. It is carried out by the doctor prescription. (more…)
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Biopsy and Pathology Study

A biopsy is a procedure of taking a tissue sample or cells, and their medical analysis by pathologist. Biopsy is done for diagnosing. Biopsy slides second opinion is a revision of pathology samples that can be necessary for getting a...
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Urodynamics, cytology, cystoscopy

The main diagnostic procedures in urology and urogynecology are cystoscopy, cytology, urodynamics.   The need for such a diagnosis will be determined at the doctor consultation in Israel. (more…)
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Scintigraphy (or a gamma scan) is a diagnostic imaging method used to evaluate organs and body systems condition. During this diagnostics radioisotopes drugs are injected intravenously. Then external detectors capture the emitted radiation and form a two-dimensional image.   Israel...
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Medical ultrasound or sonography test is a diagnostic imaging method based on the use of high frequency sound waves to get a scan of the body structures, such as tendons, muscles, joints, blood vessels and organs. The ultrasound purpose is...
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PET CT – positron emission tomography

Positron Emission Tomography scan (PET-CT) is the unique nuclear technology to diagnose a tumor at the earliest stage before other imaging tests. In addition, it may detect various pathologies, in particular endocrinological and neurological ones. (more…)
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CT – Computed Tomography

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MRI – Magnetic Resonance imaging

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Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests are an integral part of the diagnosis.   Promptly prescribed and performed laboratory tests let Israeli doctors to timely identify the disease risk or prevent it at an early stage. (more…)
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