Second Opinion MRI / PET / CT / other scans in Israel

Second opinion MRI / PET /CT in Israel

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Israeli medicine level allows you to get an alternative doctors’ opinion on pathology reports or imaging scans (MRI / PET / CT).


Below you will learn what is radiology scans interpretation, why and when it is important, and you will find list of best Israeli doctors radiologists as well.


What is second opinion MRI / PET / CT

Doctor second opinion MRI / PET / CT is the interpretation of scans by Israeli doctors – radiology specialists (or nuclear medicine specialists).


Imaging tests interpretation is usually done by a general radiologist and not by a specialist. Israel medicine suggests sub-professions (specializations) as follows:

  • MRI/CT Brain
  • MRI/CT Heart
  • MRI/CT Spine
  • MRI/CT Head
  • MRI/CT Abdomen
  • MRI/CT Thorax
  • MRI/CT Lungs
  • MRI/CT Shoulder, Hip, Elbow, Wrist, Knee, Ankle
  • MRI/ CT Angio (vascular)
  • PET CT whole body
  • and others


Why is second opinion MRI / PET / CT is important?

Another doctor can clarify the findings, and sometimes also refer you to another doctor you should consult.


Whether it is a surgery, neurological problem or rash on the skin, further opinion is critical to know if you on a proper treatment process that is optimally tailored to you. Every doctor has a different experience, history and his or her own expertise, some know more advanced methods and use them, others advocate more classical schools and will not use advanced equipment or an innovative medical process and some let their patient choose from the various options.


Specially trained radiologist, a specialist in a specific field is focused on your problem so for example if tests was performed on lungs it is advisable to get a second opinion from a radiologist who specializes in lungs imaging.


A doctor who specializes in brain  CT is not a specialist in a heart CT. This is a different field of knowledge and expertise.


These two or even more opinions are important to complete the picture and allow to reach the conclusion on a proper treatment.


For effective work and much more accurate scan interpretation complete information will be required by an Israeli doctor – diagnosis, clinical picture, medical history, previous test for comparison (if available).


More information on Why Doctor Second Opinion is Important


What specialist performs second opinion MRI / PET / CT?

MRI / PET / CT scan interpretation requires specific skill, acquired by doctors as part of a very long studying of radiology. Since radiologists are also doctors, it takes 7 years to basic certification.


MRI / PET / CT interpretation report is performed by an experienced neuroradiologist, a professional who in addition to the very long basic internship has undergone more sub-specializations and has accumulated another valuable knowledge that allows him to perfectly understand the meaning of each finding.


What are the results of MRI / PET / CT misinterpretation?

Misinterpretation can lead to dangerous results. In case when scan result is not normal even though you are completely healthy – it can lead to a wrong treatment with many side effects involved, even though there is no real need for it. In addition there is the emotional difficulty of dealing with a complex medical situation, which probably will produce heavy concerns and significantly impairs your routine life.


In the case of missing of findings indicative of disease or organ injury, you may be diagnosed as healthy, so you will be denied the opportunity to receive the treatments you really need. Any injury to the brain, spine, liver or other organs that is not diagnosed in time and therefore not treated, can worsen. In some cases, it can lead to irreversible damage that could have been prevented with precise interpretation.


How to ensure accurate interpretation of MRI / PET / CT scans?

The proper interpretation should be done by a senior and mostly highly experienced neuroradiologists. In addition, medical care in Israel allows our radiologists to run their private practice, so they can devote all the required attention to the test results that you have received.


The large experience also reduces the risk of error, and in fact the chance of a mistake. The interpretation report is obtained within 2-3 days, it is also includes detailed explanations regarding the findings.


When the report will be ready?

Report in English is usually ready within 2-3 days.


Second opinion MRI

MRI scans are one of the most recommended test in any case where a detailed and accurate image of an internal organ is required. This test is done to ensure a completely accurate diagnosis.


For example, brain MRI is performed in cases of dizziness, headaches, hearing loss or other symptoms. In most cases the symptoms are not caused due to a serious problem such as a tumor or infection. But sometimes the findings at the early stage, they are subtle, and can be easily missed. Therefore a second opinion MRI can help diagnose conditions early, which require treatment as early as possible.


Second Opinion PET CT / CT

CT is actually a collection of X-rays, from a variety of pre-determined angles, and so the result is a three-dimensional image of an internal organ. In Israeli hospital you can do CT of brain, lungs, heart, joints, various organs in the abdominal cavity and spine.


Who performs CT scan interpretation?

The professionals who does CT scans interpretation are called radiologists.

Improper interpretation of CT scan can lead to two unwanted conditions, and particularly severe damage, such as:

  • miss of an illness or health condition that must be treated as soon as possible. In this context it is important to understand that patients are sent for CT scans when there is a suspicion of a significant medical problem such as a tumor, or abnormal blood vessels that can lead to myocardial infarction, urinary stones, lung disease, intracranial hemorrhage, spinal neurological damage and others, that should be treated immediately.
  • diagnosis of a disease that does not exist at all. In these cases you may undergo severe, side-by-side treatment that is unnecessary and as a result suffers significant physical damage. It can also create severe emotional distress due to, for example, the thought that the body nests cancer while the reality is completely different.


How to transfer discs to Israel?

If you want to get scans interpretation please send us a detailed medical history, doctor’s report, as well as download disks through one of the file sharing services / or any other.


Our medical coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.


Leading Israeli Doctors Radiologists

Prof. Eli Konen – Head of the Imaging Department at the Sheba Medical Center, Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, has been a pioneer in Israel performing Heart PET / CT and MRI since 2003.


Dr. Oded Brautber – Pelvic and abdominal imaging specialist in second opinion MRI / PET / CT / US, Sourasky, Ichilov, Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Prof. Arik Blachar – Head the imaging department at the Sourasky (Ichilov) Tel Aviv Medical Center and the CT Institute at the Ramat Aviv Medical Center.


Prof. Chen Hoffman – Director of the Non-Invasive Neuroradiology Service, Head of Brain Imaging for Children and Fetuses in the Imaging Department, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer Hospital.


Prof. Grushar David – Head of Nuclear Medicine Institute – Isotopes – Assuta Hospital.


Prof. Einat Even-Sapir Wieser – Specialist in functional imaging, in particular of cancer field. She has been the Head of the Nuclear Medicine Institute and the PET CT Center at Ichilov Hospital for 25 years.


Prof. Ada Kessler – Specialist in diagnostic radiology. Head of the Ultrasound unit in the Imaging Division at Sourasky, Ichilov, Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Dr. Anat Blank – Head of the MRI Unit at Ichilov, Tel Aviv Medical Center, an expert in body imaging with extensive experience in invasive procedures, Ultrasound and CT.


Dr. Sophie Barnes – Specialist in body imaging. Manager of Urological imaging service. Specialist in diagnostic radiology and abdominal imaging Ultrasound CT, MRI Sourasky, Ichilov, Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Prof. Galit Aviram – Head of the Chest and Heart Imaging Unit at Tel Aviv Medical Center, Ichilov. Second opinion on CT scans of the lungs and heart.


Dr. Ido Drakman – Expert in muscle and skeletal imaging. Senior physician in the Unit for musculoskeletal imaging X-rays, CT, and MRI at Ichilov Hospital.


Dr. Gideon Flusser – Head of the Skeletal System Imaging Unit, Imaging Division, Ichilov, Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Dr. Tali Yonash-Kimchi – Neuroradiologist, specialist in brain, spine and nervous system imaging, brain catheterization. Ichilov, Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Dr. Yitzhak Corey – Imaging Specialist, Head of the Angiography Department  (Invasive Radiology), Imaging Division, Ichilov, Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Dr. Liran Domchevski – Head of the Nuclear Medicine Institute at Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital. Specialist in nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology (imaging) in Israel. Providing a second opinion MRI / CT / PET for further medical treatment.


We would like to note, that the Israeli radiologist issues a Second Opinion Report based on your MRI/CT/PET CT scans analysis, but this report does not include further medical treatment recommendations.


In order to get medical recommendations, you can order a consultation or a second opinion from a leading Israeli doctor who specializes in your disease.



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