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Cardiac Electrophysiologists, Arrhythmia specialists



Electrophysiologists specialize in the treatment of rhythm and heartbeat, or in other words, heart’s electrical activity. These specialists perform the diagnosis and treatment of rhythm disorder – arrhythmia. Electrophysiologists conduct special tests of the electrical system of your heart, as well as minimally invasive procedures for correcting heart rhythm – cardiac ablation (RFA CARTO, balloon cryoablation).


We collaborate with experienced Israeli electrophysiologists, heads of departments of large hospitals who have many years of experience of heart rhythm disorder treatment, are practicing surgeons with a large number of RFA ablation procedures performed.


If you have been diagnosed with arrhythmia and you need help of an experienced electrophysiologist, contact us and send the test results. We will coordinate a consultation with one of the leading specialists in arrhythmia, and will help you to undergo additional diagnostics and treatment in Israel. The treatment can be medication, using the procedure of radiofrequency ablation of RFA or other. The exact method of treatment will be determined by the physician based on examination results.


In some cases, we can also coordinate online consultation. As a rule, this is possible when you have all the necessary tests, and if we get physician’s approval.


Leading electrophysiologists in Israel


Prof. Sami Viskin – Specialist in Cardiology, Director of the Electrophysiology Unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov).


Dr. David Luria – Leading surgeon Center cardiology and the treatment of arrhythmias, Assuta Hospital. Director, Center for the treatment of arrhythmia in Israel and Head of the Department of Electrophysiology Medical Center “Hadassah”.


Prof. Michael Glikson – Head of the Integrated Heart Center. Cardiology Department, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem.


Prof. Michael Eldar – Director of Heart Institute, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.


Dr. Rami Fogelman – expert in pediatric arrhythmias, Director of Electrophysiology department, clinic Schneider.


Prof. Boris Strasberg – in electrophysiology specialist, Director of Electrophysiology department and deputy director of the department of cardiology, Beilinson Hospital.

Call-Center for an appointment at leading doctors of Israel
Should you like to get a second opinion of a leading highly specialized Israeli doctor / surgeon on whether you are getting the proper treatment or there is more advanced treatment, including innovative surgery, immunotherapy, biological, targeted therapy, personalized treatment, etc., please feel free to contact us.
We will promptly coordinate an appointment and / or treatment in Israel. 

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