Mammography is a rapid x-ray test used to detect and diagnose breast and armpit tumors. This imaging method is recommended for the early detection of breast cancer and medical treatment in Israel. 



Mammography is not an absolute guide to identify and diagnose cancerous masses or microcalcifications. There are several additional tests, such as biopsy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound. But this test can often detect a tumor  even before it can be detected by manual examination. The test is intended for women who don’t have early symptoms.




Israeli doctors recommend  mammography for women over the age of 40. It is necessary to undergo this simple test once or twice every two years, as it can save your life. Detecting breast cancer at early stages shows about 90% cure chances.




According to recent studies about mammographic screening programs for breast cancer participants had a statistically significant (41%) reduction of the mortality risk due to malignancy over ten years, as well as 25% incidence reduction of advanced breast cancer.



Leading Breast Surgeons




Breast screening for women with normal risk should be done once a year by a breast surgeon (manual breast screening has not been proven to reduce mortality from breast cancer).


Woman with normal risk should do breast screening once a year by a breast surgeon, as well as imaging tests as manual breast exam has not been proven to reduce mortality from breast cancer.



For women at high risk and who have cancer in family it is recommended to perform BRCA1 / 2 genetic mutation test.


Mammography once a year or earlier is recommended to woman from the age of 40 whose first-line relative (mother, sister) had breast cancer.



The Israeli Ministry of Health recommends to have breast MRI scan once a year for carriers of BRCA1 / 2 genes mutations, as well as for women of other risk groups. This imaging test is also recommended for women who have a defined risk of breast cancer of more than 20% in their lifetime.



A woman / girl who has had chest irradiation, especially before childbearing age (usually as a treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma), has an increased risk of developing breast cancer, and it is advised to undergo medical follow-up for early cancer detection.



Mammography only takes a few minutes. During the breast test, pressure is applied on, which may cause discomfort or pain for mere seconds. On the examination day it is recommended not to use deodorant, talcum powder or any creams on lady pecs or underarm area.



If you find any breast changes, please contact us. We will promptly coordinate an examination by an experienced breast surgeon and necessary diagnostics  – mammography, breast ultrasound as well as BRCA1 / 2 test if required, in Israel. We will provide transportation to hospital and after all a written translation of the doctor’s report with the diagnosis and treatment recommendations.



If surgery is necessary according to the diagnosis results, we will promptly coordinate it in the hospital, specified by the doctor. 



Breast tumor tests in Israel:

Stereotactic + biopsy + pathology study
FNA Biopsy 1 side 
Mammography one side

FNL bilateral
Breast ultrasound
Mammography Imaging bilateral
Ultrasound guided FNA 
Breast ultrasound
FNA mammography guided
Mammography imaging before FNL

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