Professor Nathan Bornstein – Head of the Department of Neurology at the Medical Center of Tel – Aviv “Sourasky”. Specialist in neurology and cerebral vascular pathology.


Dr. Terez Trabes – Head of the Brain Function Department, Beilinson Hospital (Rabin). Specialist in memory disorders.


Professor Miri Neufeld – Director of the Institute of EEG. Senior doctor, a specialist in epilepsy, Department of Neurology, Medical Center in Tel – Aviv “Sourasky” Ichilov.


Dr. Arie Kuritski – Head of the Department of Neurology and Chronic Pain Clinic. Beilinson, Petah Tikva. Specialist in neurology.


Prof. Anat Kesler – Expert in neuro-ophthalmology. Department of Ophthalmology, Medical Center Tel – Aviv Sourasky.


Dr. Jonathan Streifler – Movement Disorders Expert. Director of the Neurology Division, Ha-Sharon Hospital, Beilinson, Petach – Tikva.


Pediatric neurology


Professor Shaul Harel – Director of Institute of Pediatric Neurology and Children Development, Medical Center, Tel – Aviv “Sourasky”.


Dr. Rafi Weitz – Director of Neurology Clinic, Hospital Schneider.


Professor Yehuda Shapira – Head of the Neuropaediatrics Department, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem.

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Prof. Arnon Karni

Head of Neuroimmunology Department, Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) in Tel Aviv.   Prof. Karni is in the Forbes list 2021 of the best Israeli doctors (more…)
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Professor Miri Neufeld

Head of EEG Institute. Senior doctor, expert in epilepsy, Department of Neurology, Medical Center in Tel - Aviv "Sourasky" Ichilov. (more…)
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Professor Nathan Bornstein

  Leading Israeli neurologist - specialist in the treatment of stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral vascular disease, clinical research of brain processes, Doppler - ultrasound of carotid arteries and brain.     Head of the Neurology Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center...
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