Cancer PreScreening – Personalized Approach



Dear patient,


We provide a new service for people with various types of cancer – Personalized Cancer PreScreening.


Due to the prescreening, you will be able to fully control the process of your treatment, to understand in more detail which innovative methods and prospective clinical studies are available in the world for the treatment of your disease.


We will help you to expand knowledge about existing treatments, as well as to identify unlimited, most personalized treatment options for you and your type of cancer.



What Preliminary Screening gives you:


Based on prescreening, we create a complete picture – the Navigator of possible treatment options for you and your disease, outside the standard protocols. Our experts – doctors and microbiologists make such a map, based on an extensive database of the latest scientific research in the field of molecular biology of the National Cancer Research Institute, USA, as well as many years of experience in treating a large number of patients with different types of cancer.


Prescreening helps to determine your medical status at the moment, to compile a complete list of standard treatments for your cancer type (for general information) so you can understand if you have exhausted all the standard treatment methods. Prescreening also opens up the potential for innovative cancer treatment, beyond the standard protocols.


Prescreening gives you a complete picture of possible types of deeper genomic diagnosis, taking into account the diversity of molecular genetic tests that exist today in the world. This screening will help to determine only those tests that are right for you.


Prescription provides a choice of medicines, extends a line of existing potential drugs that are suitable only for you, but not used in standard protocols to treat your type of cancer. This gives you the advantage of choosing treatment, in accordance with the prices of the drugs that fit your budget. This treatment includes biological therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and combinations, approved by the FDA (American Drug and Food Administration) or those at the stage of clinical research.


Having before you a full picture of the possibilities, you will be able to decide on further steps.


If, based on prescreening, molecular genetic tests are recommended, you can pass them in Israel, under the supervision of Israeli oncologists and microbiologists.


These tests will help to determine the most appropriate for your drugs and their combinations.


You will be able to undergo treatment with these drugs in Israel, or we will help you purchase innovative medicines that are not approved in your country for home treatment.


More information about personalized cancer treatment:


Personalized treatment – transfer to an individual protocol for each patient.

What is the difference between genetic and genomic oncotests. (01/01/2018)

Genetic (pharmacogenetic) biomarkers help define a personal and most effective treatment strategy with the lowest toxicity for each patient. (27.12.2017)

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