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For timely diagnosis of skin cancer and melanoma, our medical experts recommend follow-up assessment the moles every 6-12 months.


Changes in the color or size of moles may indicate the development of skin cancer.


Our experts carry out a survey with the help of digital dermoscopy and mapping system of a new generation Bodystudio ATBM (FotoFinder).


This diagnosis takes 30 minutes and can detect skin cancer at an early stage, both in adults and children of all ages.


Going through the procedure of digital dermoscopy and mapping every six months will make you sure in the control and prevention of skin cancer.


Our experts recommend this diagnosis, in particular, to those who are at risk. These are people with a family history of skin cancer, or those who have suspicious skin lesions on the skin (nevi).


Upon detection of asymmetrical nevus changes size or color our experts will remove the affected area and determine its nature (benign or malignant) by pathology study.


⇒ Melanoma

⇒ Melanoma and skin cancer

⇒ Keytruda – a new drug against melanoma

⇒ Early diagnosis of cancer

Prof. Jacob Schachter – specialist in melanoma and skin cancer, Director of the Institute melanoma and skin cancer, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.


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