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Orthopedic surgeries





⇒ Removal of the tumor – hand / foot / knee

⇒ Arthrotomy

⇒ Replacement cartilage (transplantation)

⇒ Osteotomy + fixing

⇒ Bone biopsy
⇒ Exostosis removal
⇒ Removal of metal osteosynthesis wrist / foot
⇒ Tendon correction
⇒ Arthroplasty

⇒ Limb lengthening

⇒ Nerve restore (transplantation)


Ankle and foot surgery:

⇒ Correction Achilles tendon

⇒ Lengthening the Achilles tendon

⇒ Fixation of fractures of the ankle / toe

⇒ Defragmenter wrist / foot

⇒ Hammer toe

⇒ Separating fingers

⇒ Joint Replacement (replacement) ankle

⇒ Bunion

⇒ Halyus valgus

⇒ Correction ankle tendons

⇒ Fixation ankle fracture

⇒ Arthrodesis

⇒ Amputation – leg below the knee
⇒ Removal of ganglia foot

⇒ Fracture fixation Tibia

⇒ Fibula fracture fixation

⇒ Notch foot tendon


Shoulder surgery:
⇒ Balloon correction of the shoulder joint

⇒ Fixation of clavicle fractures

⇒ Fixation shoulder fracture

⇒ Correction of the rotator cuff (the shoulder joint)

⇒ Correction tendons of the shoulder joint

⇒ Shoulder Arthroscopy

⇒ Shoulder replacement

⇒ The operation on the shoulder joint

⇒ Arthromyoplasty shoulder


Elbow surgery:

⇒ Ulnar nerve correction

⇒ Fixation of elbow fractures

⇒ Elbow replacement

⇒ Operation of the tennis elbow

⇒ Elbow arthroscopy


Wrist surgery:

⇒ Median nerve binding

⇒ Fixation palm fingers
⇒ Finger restoration
⇒ Wrist arthroscopy

⇒ Defragmenter wrist / foot

⇒ Separating fingers

⇒ Operation carpal tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel syndrome) CTS
⇒ Endoscopy carpal tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel syndrome) CTS
⇒ The transposition of the nerve of the wrist

⇒ Wrist arthroplasty

⇒ Trigger finger

⇒ De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

⇒ Wrist ganglion removal
Dupuytren’s contracture
⇒ Wrist tendons release

⇒ Tendon lengthening  palm
⇒ Transplantation tendon palm
⇒ Amputation of thumb

⇒ Wrist fracture fixation


Hip surgery:
⇒ Inguinal nerve release

⇒ Hip replacement

⇒ Hip fracture fixation


Knee surgery:

⇒ Knee Arthroscopy

⇒ Knee Arthroscopy (outpatient)

⇒ Knee fractures fixation

⇒ Knee replacement

⇒ Notch hamstring


Spine surgery:

⇒ Lumbar microdiscectomy

⇒ Cervical microdiscectomy

⇒ Lumbar laminectomy (minimally invasive)
⇒ Cervical laminectomy (minimally invasive)

⇒ Lumbar laminectomy
⇒ Percutaneous intradiscal nucleoplasty (IDET)
⇒ Cervical discectomy

⇒ Fixation vertebrae (minimally invasive)
⇒ Herniated disk
⇒ Spinal implants removal
⇒ Spondylostenosis

⇒ Spinal fusion

⇒ Kyphoplasty

⇒ Scoliosis

⇒ Electrodes implantation into the spine

⇒ Cervical laminectomy




⇒ Orthopedic experts

Spinal surgery



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Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed in order to restore the integrity and function of the joint. The joint can be repaired by grinding the bones. In some cases, using an artificial joint (prosthesis).

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