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Scintigraphy Institute





Scintigraphy thyroid
Scintigraphy liver and spleen
Bone scintigraphy
Scintigraphy brain static
Scintigraphy bone SPECT (bone scan)
Scintigraphy gallbladder
The whole body scintigraphy (iodine)
Lung scintigraphy
Scintigraphy with anesthesia
Scintigraphy spleen
Liver scintigraphy
Scintigraphy salivary glands
Renal scintigraphy
Treatment with radioactive iodine
Renal scintigraphy + Captopril
Scintigraphy thyroid gland – hyperthyroidism
Testicular scintigraphy dynamic
Testicular scintigraphy
Scintigraphy brain – Parkinson’s disease
Renal scintigraphy
Scintigraphy veins
Treatment with radioactive iodine outpatient
Parathyroid scintigraphy
Scintigraphy heart – cadmium
Scintigraphy heart with a load
Scintigraphy heart / perfusion / with a load
Scintigraphy heart
Heart scintigraphy SPECT GATED
Dynamic scintigraphy heart






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