General surgery


⇒ Melanoma – resection of tumor and lymph node
⇒ Melanoma – mapping and tumor resection
⇒ Melanoma tumor resection + skin graft
⇒ Mohs surgery
⇒ Closure of the stomach laparoscopically
⇒ Install the ring (braces) on the stomach
⇒ Resection of the small intestine
⇒ Colectomy
⇒ Colon resection
⇒ Intestinal polyps removal
⇒ Perianal fistula – correction
⇒ Correction of anal fissure
⇒ Hemorrhoids
⇒ Anoplasty
⇒ Cholecystectomy
⇒ Laparoscopy stomach and gall bladder
⇒ Removal of the inguinal and umbilical hernia
⇒ Diagnostic laparoscopy
⇒ Reconstruction of the small intestine
⇒ Closing intestine / colon
⇒ Removal of rectal tumors
⇒ Rectal Resection (MILES)
⇒ Surgery for rectal prolapse
⇒ Radiofrequency ablation of liver (RF)
⇒ Liver resection
⇒ Operation on the head of the pancreas (Whipple surgery)
⇒ Partial pancreatectomy – laparoscopy
⇒ Removal of abdominal cavity tumors
⇒ Bariatric gastroscopy via the mouth
⇒ Heller myotomy
⇒ Rectal prolapse – correction through the abdomen
⇒ Epigastric hernia – laparoscopy
⇒ Correction of hernia in children
⇒ Correction of inguinal hernia in children
⇒ Adrenalectomy – laparoscopy
⇒ Correction hiatal hernia – laparoscopy
⇒ Hernia of the abdominal wall – laparoscopy
⇒ Umbilical hernia – laparoscopy
⇒ Sigmoidectomy
⇒ Abdomen and pelvic examination under anesthesia (EUA)
⇒ Removal of rectal cancer by transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM)
⇒ Removal of abscess / drainage under CT or ultrasound
⇒ Neuro-epidural injection
⇒ Recovery bile ducts
⇒ Surgical removal of the spleen
⇒ Bypass stomach – laparoscopy
⇒ Esophagectomy (removal of the esophagus)
⇒ Gastric bypass surgery – open surgery
⇒ Sleeve plastic stomach – laparoscopy
⇒ Gastrectomy
⇒ Stomach resection – laparoscopy
⇒ Partial resection of the pancreas tail
⇒ Liver biopsy
⇒ Rectal Resection (MILES) – laparoscopy
⇒ Partial gastrectomy
⇒ Laparoscopy colon or small intestine
⇒ Appendectomy (removal of the appendix) – laparoscopy
⇒ Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal)
⇒ Splenectomy (removal of the spleen) – laparoscopy
⇒ Partial hepatectomy (removal of the liver) – laparoscopy
⇒ Low anterior resection of the bowel – laparoscopy
⇒ Cervix resection – cervical cancer
⇒ Abscess drainage chest
⇒ Lymphectomy chest
⇒ Partial resection tongue
⇒ Mastectomy
⇒ Removal of pilonidal cyst
⇒ Surgery – Ingrown toenail
⇒ Excision from bone
⇒ Removal of atheroma or lipoma
⇒ Temporal artery biopsy
⇒ Endoscopic surgery on the thyroid gland
⇒ Breast biopsy


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