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Advanced treatment of atrial fibrillation by leading Israeli doctors. (30/06/2020)
♦ TAVI procedure performed by Leading Israeli cardiac surgeons – minimal invasion, minimal complications risks, as well as minimal anesthesia. (07/06/2020)
Pacemaker implantation in Israel. (02/06/2020)
Cardiac Ablation – Radiofriquency Ablation and Balloon Cryoablation for atrial fibrillation treatment in Israel. (28/05/2020)
Coronary Angioplasty with Stenting in Israel – Best cardiac surgeons. (24/05/2020)
♦ Diagnostic Coronary Angiography with Leading Israeli Cardiac Surgeons. (17/05/2020
♦ Lung biopsy – FNA, bronchoscopy with leading Israeli doctors. (12/05/2020)
Lung lobe resection – lobectomy VATS in Israel – Leading cardiothoracic surgeons. (07/05/2020)
Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Repair in Israel. Second opinion. (04/05/2020)

♦ Atrial Septal Defect Repair by leading Israeli cardiac surgeons. (03/05/2020)

♦ Mediastinotomy and mediastinal tumors surgery in Israel. (01/05/2020)

New guidelines for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. (15/09/2019)

Praluent (alirocumab) reduces mortality for atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (ASCVD). (23/04/2019)

Optimizer Smart – an innovative device for the treatment of chronic cardiac insufficiency. (08/04/2019)

A new technology could be a lifesaver for individuals with heart failure awaiting transplant



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New guidelines for diabetes and cardiovascular disease

New European manuals 2019 of ESC and EASD for management and prevention of cardiovascular disease with metformin, SGLT2 adn GLP-1

Two large European organizations – the European Cardiology Society (ESC) in collaboration with the European Association for the Study of Diabetes  (EASD) – have released a new guidelines for patients with diabetes or prediabetic diseases related to the use of new drugs and the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The recommendations were presented at ESC Congress, and were also published in the European Heart Journal.

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Praluent (alirocumab) reduces mortality for atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (ASCVD)

Praluent for reduce cardiovascular risk in adults with ASCVD

Praluent is the only PCSK9- inhibitor approved in EU. The collected data indicate a mortality decrease in cardiovascular diseases.

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Optimizer Smart – breakthrough device for the treatment of cardiac insufficiency

Israeli medical cardiology news

On March 21, 2019, the FDA approved an innovative device  – Smart Optimizer System for treating patients with moderate to severe chronic cardiac insufficiency (CHF) with CCM technology.

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