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Prof. Shimon Bar-Meir – Director of the Division of Gastroenterology Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.


Prof. Zamir Halpern – Head of Gastrointestinal diseases and Liver Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center. Expert in gastroenterology, liver, bile ducts, esophagus, pancreas, and inflammatory diseases.


Dr. Lahav Maor, MD – Head of the Invasive Endoscopy Department, Gastroenterology, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Chief Specialist Gastroenterology Institute of Medical Center “Assuta”.



Prof. Yaron Niv – Head of the Gastroenterology Institute, Beilinson Hospital, Petah Tikva. Specialist in the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.


Dr. Moshe Santo, MD – Senior doctor of the Institute of Digestive tract and Liver diseases, Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Prof. Eitan Scapa – Head of the Gastroenterology and Liver treatment department, Asaf-a-Rofe Medical Center.


Prof. Fred Konikov – Head of the Endoscopic Surgery Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center. Expert in the gallbladder diseases.




Pediatric Gastroenterology

Prof. Yoram Boinover – Head of the Pediatric Gastroenterology, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Head of Pediatric Clinic Gastroenterology Department, Assuta Hospital.


Prof. Gabriel Dinard – Head of the Institute of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Schneider Hospital.


Dr. Shimon Reif, MD– Head of the Gastroenterology Department, Dana Children’s Hospital, Tel Aviv.





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Prof. Zamir Halpern

Head of gastroenterology department, Tel-Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov).

Expert in treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, bile ducts, liver, esophagus, pancreas and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. 

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Prof. Shimon Bar Meir

Head of the Institute of gastrointestinal and liver diseases, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Head of Gastroenterology Department.

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