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Update – Leading Israeli doctors for prostate cancer treatment. (24/02/2021)

Immunotherapy for liver cancer in Israel. (20/04/2020)

Immunotherapy for prostate cancer in Israel. (19/04/2020)

Tazemetostat was approved by FDA for the treatment of epithelioid sarcoma. (04/02/2020)

FoundationOne CDx Ovarian Cancer testing checks an effectiveness of Lynparza targeted therapy. (11/09/2019)

A family history of melanoma increases your risk of skin cancer by up to 74%. (22/08/2019)

Molecular testing for prostate cancer in Israel. (30/07/2019)

Onco tests for Thyroid Cancer in Israel. (23/07/2019)

Review – Oncotests used in Israel. (24/06/2019)

Medullary thyroid cancer. Rare type of cancer treatment in Israel. (09/06/2019)

Oncotest Teva Guardant 360 Liquid Biopsy – mutations test for all cancer types by blood analysis. (22/05/2019)

CAR-T therapy in Israel: treatment of multiple myeloma, acute leukemia and lymphoma has become more accessible. (29/04/2019)

Praluent (alirocumab) reduces mortality for atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (ASCVD). (23/04/2019)

Precancerous conditions and lesions – diagnostics and treatment in Israel. (17/04/2019)

Atezolizumab as a first line treatment for triple negative breast cancer. (13/03/2019)

Resume – the latest achievements and successful cancer treatment strategies in Israel and the world in 2018. (21/02/2019)

mFOLFIRINOX – significant survival increase in pancreatic carcinoma treatment. (05/02/2019)

Test for tuberculosis (TB) before surgery in Israel – new requirements of Israeli clinics. (27/01/2019)

Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid (PTC) treatment in Israel. (24/01/2019)

LDH analysis for melanoma treatment prognosis – study. (21/01/2019)

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) – modern treatment methods in Israel. (15/12/2018)

New vaccinations requirements before treatment in Israel. (15/11/2018)

Oncogenetic counseling in Israel. Gene mutation detection and treatment. (06/03/2018)

Last stage cancer treatment in Israel. (06/02/2018)

Triple Test Paradigm for precision cancer treatment in Israel. (08/01/2018)

Personalized Cancer Prescreening in Israel – Creation of the Navigator Map of all potential treatment options, personally for each patient and his disease, outside of standard treatments. (03/01/2018)
What is the difference between genetic and genomic testing? (01/01/2018)

Immunotherapy for breast cancer in Israel. (26/12/2017)

Cancer Immunotherapy in Israel shows long term results and less side effects. (14/12/2017)
Molecular genomic tests for precision cancer treatment in Israel. (03/12/2017)

Precision Medicine, Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenomics is a future. (11/24/2017)

Opdivo (Nivolumab) – immunotherapy against cancer, continues to show good results and recommended by Israeli oncologists for adjuvant therapy and treatment of metastatic melanoma and lung cancer. (11/06/2017)

Caris Molecular Intelligence – molecular test that defines the drugs effective on the cancer tumor, as well as those that are not effective. The performed at DNA, RNA and protein level for precision cancer treatment. (10/06/2017)

Personalized lung cancer treatment in Israel. (13/09/2017)
Innovative treatment of lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in Israel approved by FDA. (18/07/2017)

Personalized breast cancer treatment in Israel. (10/07/2017)

What is a personalized cancer treatment? – Dr. Raanan Berger, Director of the Institute of Oncology. (06/07/2017)

CANscript ™ (MitraBiotech) is a unique diagnostic that helps to select an effective treatment for severe forms of cancer individually for each patient and gives a reliable prognosis of the response to treatment. (04/23/2017)

When experts recommend detailed sequential test.

Researchers of Tel Aviv University discovered mechanism of melanoma spread to other organs and develops chemicals that can stop sickness development.

Bladder Cancer – future local immune therapy.

Can cancer spread even before a tumor develops?


Can cancer be inherited? – Genetics reply

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Cancer and Sugar

At almost every appointment of an Israeli oncologist, the following questions are asked:   Does sugar affect cancer growth? Is it true that there is a connection between them? Is it true that sugar feeds cancer, and if I eat...
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NCCN Guidelines 2019 for small bowel adenorcacinoma

The main treatment for small bowel adenocarcinoma (SBA) is surgery, while the benefits of adjuvant therapy have not yet been proven. This is indicated in the latest clinical guidelines of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN 2019).   The occurrence...
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Treatment for various BRAF melanoma mutations

Molecular genetic tests allows to determine differences in BRAF gene mutations. It defines the treatment effectiveness for melanoma. New study revealed that there are differences between the BRAF genotypes in melanoma mutation - V600K and V600E. It leads to different...
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Breast cancer: 3 important findings to prevent metastases

  The breast cancer disease takes second place on world statistics, and it is dangerous not only by the occurrence rates, but also further development of metastases. New research in comprehensive cancer studying was initiated in Lineberger Center at University...
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