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Israeli spinal neurosurgeons are increasingly focusing on the use of unique minimally invasive technologies for the treatment of all types of degenerative diseases of the cervical, spinal and lumbar spine. Among these methods are micro- and endoscopic surgery for the treatment of degenerative processes and injuries, as well as innovative and unique technologies for fixing the vertebrae using mini-invasive methods.


Our neurosurgeons use an intraoperative navigation system, which avoids the need for extra x-rays and increases surgical accuracy.


Leading spinal neurosurgeons in Israel



♦ Treatment of spinal injuries. Israeli spinal neurosurgeons treat fractures of the spinal cord using minimally invasive methods to fix fractures, without the need for extensive surgery.


♦ Treatment of spine diseases in the elderly. Such patients often suffer from multiple fractures due to poor bone quality (osteoporosis) and many concomitant diseases.


♦ Treatment of scoliosis and spinal deformity in children and adults. When scoliosis or persistent deformity causes severe pain and impaired function, treatment is necessary. Scoliosis and persistent deformity, which develop in old age, are caused by the deterioration of the degenerative process with age, fractures, previous surgery or spinal tumors. Sometimes scoliosis and stable spinal deformity in adults are diagnosed in childhood and adolescence. After growing up, these deformations can intensify and cause pain, disability and a deterioration in the quality of life.


♦ Treatment of spine and spinal cord tumors. For each case we unite a team of experienced physicians in – an oncologist and an orthopedic neurosurgeon. Radiation surgery (radiation) is also used to treat spinal tumors, which allows to achieve the maximum concentration of radiation in the tumor area, while reducing radiation damage to healthy tissues around the tumor.


Our specialists perform the whole range of operations on the spine and spinal cord. Based on the results of the consultation and physical examination, our physician will appoint a surgery in the hospital, which is equipped according to the standards allowing this procedure.


Leading Israeli spine neurosurgeons:

⇒ Microdiscectomy lumbar spine
⇒ Microdiscectomy cervical vertebrae
⇒ laminectomy of the lumbar spine (minimally invasive)
⇒ laminectomy of the cervical spine (minimally invasive)
⇒ lumbar laminectomy
⇒ Percutaneous intradiscal nucleoplasty (IDET)
⇒ Cervical spine dissectomy
⇒ Fixation vertebrae (minimally invasive)
⇒ Herniated disk operation
⇒ Spinal implants removal
⇒ Spondylostenosis
⇒ Spinal fusion
⇒ Kyphoplasty
⇒ Scoliosis
⇒ Implantation of electrodes into the spine
⇒ Cervical spine laminectomy
⇒ Microsurgery spine
⇒ Spinal tumors removal
⇒ Hemangiomas removal
⇒ Injection
⇒ Radiosurgery
⇒ Radiofrequency ablation


Spinal disorders
Herniated disk – spine

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