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ResultMed assists in diagnostics and treatment to patients who applied to us with cancer problems


Collaborating with the leading oncologists and surgeons of Israel, as well as with the leading private and public hospitals, we provide fast approach to a high level medical expertise in cancer treatment.


If you or any of your relatives was diagnosed with cancer, please contact us. We accept applications for the treatment of patients with all stages of the disease, any kind of tumor and malignant process in the body.


We recommend specific physician to treat each type of cancer that makes treatment as effective as possible and helps to improve life quality of our patients.



⇒ Most recommended oncologists of Israel


For effective treatment results first the sickness should be diagnosed correctly.


The standard screening cancer program:

  • Specific blood tests
  • PET-CT
  • Biopsy and histology test
  • Consultation by an oncologist (diagnosis and treatment recommendations)
  • Consultation by a surgeon (if needed)


In some cases  CT or MRI may be required (brain or soft tissue).


Because many cancers are hereditary for their timely detection and prevention in Israel recommended and widely used practice of early diagnosis of cancer.


Cancer management:

galkaKidney Cancer
galkaBladder Cancer
galkaProstate Cancer
galkaTesticular Cancer
galkaBrain Cancer
galkaBreast Cancer
galkaLung Cancer
galkaUterine Cancer
galkaCervical Cancer
galkaOvarian Cancer
galkaStomach Cancer
galkaPancreatic Cancer
galkaColon Cancer
galkaBlood Cancer
galkaSkin Cancer
galkaOral cancer
galkaSalivary gland cancer
galkaVocal cords cancer
galkaHeart cancer
galkaBone cancer
galkaLiver cancer
galkaGallbladder cancer
galkaEsophageal cancer
galkaCancer of penis


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ResultMed provides medical treatment organization and coordination services for foreign patients only.


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Precancerous conditions and lesions – diagnostics and treatment in Israel

Precancer conditions and lesions - diagnostics and treatment in Israel

Precancerous conditions or lesions are defined local signs with the presence of atypical cells that have increased risk of cancer development.

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Drug-resistant lung cancer – Israeli perspective

lung tumor

A new formula for the drug against lung cancer, which was created in Israel, shows promising results with an resistance to kinase inhibitors.

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Sarcoma soft tissues and skeleton

Sarcoma is a group of various types of cancer that can appear at any age, anywhere in the body and develop from different types of healthy tissue (soft tissue and skeleton or bone tissue).

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Melanoma metastasis treatment in Israel

Due to new methods of treating metastatic melanoma, there is a high rate of successful treatment results of melanoma metastases. Late stages, 4th stage is well treatable with new therapies in most cases.

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Last stage 4 cancer treatment

For today, the treatment of cancer at a progressive stage, is one of the principal issues for Israeli oncologists.

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Skin lymphoma

Skin lymphoma is a tumor of the lymphatic system, which is formed in the skin cells. Lymphoma of the skin often remains in the skin, has not spread to the internal organs.

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Tonsil cancer

Tonsil cancer is a malignant disease that develops in the tonsils, located on either side of the neck, although it also can occur in the throat, at the rear of the tongue.

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Nasal cavity cancer

Cavity and paranasal sinuses cancer is a rare disease. Among the most common benign tumor (adenoma, papilloma, meningioma, craniopharyngioma) or malignant (cancer, sarcoma, neuroblastoma, and chordoma).

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Esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer is a relatively rare disease, but its prevalence increases with time.

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Cancer of penis

Cancer of penis is rare and most commonly affects men over the age of 50 years.

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Gallbladder cancer

Gallbladder cancer is a malignant tumor that forms in the gallbladder.

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Liver cancer

Primary liver cancer is a rare form of cancer, but recently there has been an increasing prevalence.

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Bone cancer

Bone cancer is a malignant growth and division of cells of the bone. Bone tumors may be benign (not cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).

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Heart cancer

Primary heart cancer is a very rare disease. Metastatic tumors of the heart in which the cancer originated in another organ and spread to the heart are more common than the underlying disease.

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Vocal cords cancer

Cancer of the vocal cords formed from epithelial cells lining the vocal cords. The area in which the vocal cords are located is called the larynx.

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Throat cancer

Throat cancer (larynx cancer) can develop in any part of the throat. Most cancers of the throat begins in the vocal cords and larynx, in the cells lining the inner walls of the larynx. Almost all kinds of laryngeal cancer are squamous cell carcinoma.

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Salivary gland cancer

Salivary glands cancer is a rare form of cancer. In most cases, benign tumors of the salivary glands.

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Oral and pharynx cancer

Oral and pharynx cancer are tumors which are mostly in the cells tongue, floor of the mouth and throat. 

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Retinoblastoma is a tumor that develops in the retina – the mucous membrane inside the eye. The retina is composed of nerve tissue and sends signals through the optic nerve to the brain where they are interpreted as the image signals.

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Conjunctiva Cancer

Tumors of conjunctiva is he result of uncontrolled cell division layers of the conjunctiva of the eye.

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Eye cancer

Eye cancer formed in different parts of the eye when the cells start to divide uncontrollably and form a mass – tumor. Cancerous tumors can metastasize to different parts of the body.

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Early diagnosis of cancer

Early detection of malignant diseases is very important for the further successful treatment and lives save. Such issues in Israel are engaged in the direction of looking into genetic disorders.

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Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is a malignant disease that develops in the testicles, which are part of the male reproductive system.

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Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer – is the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells of the kidneys, that create tumor. Two most common types of kidney cancer is renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and urothelial carcinoma (UCC) of the renal pelvis. These names reflect the type of cell from which the cancer develops.

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Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is several types of malignant tumors of bladder epithelial layer caused by abnormal uncontrolled cells multiplying.

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Brain Cancer

Brain tumor or an intracranial tumor is a result of abnormal cell growth within the brain or central spinal canal. Tumors formed by uncontrolled cell division expense not only in the brain but also in the lymphatic tissues, the blood vessels in the cranial nerves into the brain membranes, skull, pituitary or pineal gland.

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Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. The disease can be formed in the inner shell breast ducts (ductal carcinoma), as well as mammary lobules cells producing milk (lobular breast carcinoma).

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Lung cancer

Leading Israeli doctors. Non-small cell, squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma or large cell carcinoma and small cell lung cancer, biological treatment, immunotherapy, precision (personalized) treatment of lung cancer in Israel.

Lung cancer is one of the most common types of disease. There are two main types of primary lung cancer. They are classified by the type of cell which they are formed of.

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Cancer of uterus, ovary, cervix

Cancer of the female reproductive system – tumors of uterus, ovary, cervix. Our physicians are familiar with all existing in the world diagnosis and treatment methods of these diseases

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Stomach and pancreas cancer

Stomach and pancreas cancer are some of the most aggressive types of cancer. Typically, these diseases detected at later stages. Our doctors having a thorough examination appoint proper supportive therapy.

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Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most common malignancies and in most cases it occurs as small benign tumors called adenomatous polyps, which are formed from the inner walls of the colon. Some of these polyps eventually grow into malignant tumors of the colon if not removed during colonoscopy.

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Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer is a tumor that forms due to indiscriminate growth of various types of thyroid cells. The disease usually progresses slowly and with no apparent symptoms.

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Prostate cancer is the most common men’s cancer and it is different from most other types of cancer. It develops slowly and can be inactive for many years. 

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Melanoma and skin cancer

Malignant skin tumors are a group of diseases that can be effectively controlled by Israeli doctors. Therefore, access the doctor on time and a proper treatment can prevent its development and help to improve life quality of our patients.

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