PET CT – positron emission tomography

Pet-CT diagnostics and PET-CT images second opinion in Israel

Positron Emission Tomography scan (PET-CT) is the unique nuclear technology to diagnose a tumor at the earliest stage before other imaging tests. In addition, it may detect various pathologies, in particular endocrinological and neurological ones.


This medical technique allows to visualize and study a variety of metabolic functions at the cellular level using a special radioactive tracers. For this reason, PET/CT scan differs from MRI and CT scans, where pathology eventually is determined by detecting structural or anatomical changes in the body.



How is PET-CT scanning performed?

Before the procedure, doctor assistant will inject you with a small amount of contrast agent – radioactive glucose. Also you may swallow or inhale an agent depending on an observed organ or body system. Cancer cells have more chemical activity, unlike healthy ones, and intensively absorb molecules of a contrast agent. Thus, substance stains them and PET machine show luminous spots on the screen. This procedure can determine cell formations of 1 mm or more. Before the imaging test, you need to lie quietly for about 1 hour until the drug is absorbed by the body. The scan itself takes for 20-30 minutes.


Abnormal metabolic changes tend to occur first in the body than structural changes, so PET imaging provides earlier detection of cancer many types. It also helps to reveal exactly the metastasis degree in the body compared to traditional radiological scans such as MRI and CT.


PET scan helps to stage cancer various types, identify recurrent diseases and observe the effects of cancer treatments.


Besides cancer diagnostics, PET procedure also may assess coronary-arterial, musculoskeletal body
condition and some neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.


Interpretation of the PET-CT results is done by a leading Israeli radiologist.


Pet-CT types

Receptors scanning (cysteine)
Blood supply to the brain vessels scanning
PET CT inflammation scanning
PET-CT with choline


PET-CT is used for:

♦ observing the tumor localization

♦ revealing whether your cancer has spread

♦ finding a disease recurrence

♦ determining a tumor benignity or malignancy

♦ monitoring the treatment effect


PET-CT is an internationally approved procedure to diagnose cancer, and the risks associated with its use are minimal, since the radioactive tracker (glucose) quickly breaks down in the body without causing any body harm.


Diagnostic results are usually ready for 2-3 days after the procedure. Only experienced Israeli radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists perform this test.


Where is PET CT performed in Israel?

We work according to instruction of the leading doctor, ensuring the well-timed coordination for PET-CT scan, transfer to the hospital in Israel, interpretation and translation into English.


As a rule, doctor prescribes imaging procedures in one of the big Israeli hospitals with all the necessary conditions and equipment to diagnose your disease. PET may be performed in the Assuta Medical Center, Ramat Aviv, Ichilov, Sheba, or Beilinson Hospital according to doctor’s indication.


You can get a second opinion of a leading Israeli radiologist on the PET-CT scan done in your country. Please contact us to clarify details.


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