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Israel is one of the leading countries in orthopedic problems treatment.

Israeli physicians possess advanced technologies of joints treatment, such as arthroscopy, plastic joints ligaments and tendons, physiotherapy, injection biological therapy. Surgery arthroplasty (joint replacement) is a routine operation, which have a 99% success rate.


Our orthopedists are heads of major departments of public hospitals of Israel, as well as senior staff daily practicing surgeons.




In order to determine a therapy in each individual case a physical examination as well as X-ray images, MRI or CT are important.


Basic criteria that affect the doctor’s decision about treatment are:

galka Age
galka Intensity of pain and discomfort
galka Lifestyle ( in the case of athletes )
galka Activity Level
galka Previous operations
galka Localization and lesion size

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Joints treatment with fat stem cells

The use of human adipose tissue stem cells (or adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells) is one of the innovative treatments in Israel that replaces or helps delay joint replacement.

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Hip treatment

Hip is one of the major joints of the body. The joint consists of a ball bone that fits into a concave niche pelvis “socket”.

Around the encapsulated joint, ligaments and muscles assist the activities of the joint and maintain its stability. The head of the femur and the socket covered with articular cartilage, which allows smooth movement without pain. Articular cartilage plays an important r…

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Sports injuries

Treatment of sports injuries is one of the main areas of medicine in Israel. Thanks to many years of practice, treatment IDF soldiers, as well as sports teams our physicians have gained invaluable experience and achieve good results.

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Ankle (foot) treatment

Treatment of the ankle joint and foot, ankle joint replacement, treatment of bursitis, synovitis, tendovaginitis, Achilles tendon injury, Morton’s neuroma, hammer-shaped finger, plantar fasciitis, fracture of the ankle, fracture of the bones of the ankle joint and foot, Jones fracture.

Ankle is a complex compound of the leg and foot.

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Hand treatment

Wrist joint (hand) is one of the most complex in its anatomy as it combines several joint structures.

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Orthokine therapy

Intraarticular injections used for treatment of inflammatory joint diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and occasionally osteoarthritis.

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Elbow treatment

Elbow is one of the most complex joint of human body.
The main problems of elbow that cause pain, discomfort and limited movement are arthritis or injury of the elbow joint, weakening of the joint capsule, cartilage damage, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

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Shoulder treatment

The main shoulder problems are synovitis (inflammation) and shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tendon tear, shoulder dislocation, acromioclavicular osteoarthritis, capsulitis (frozen shoulder), chronic tendonitis, partial tears of the long biceps tendon.

Along with the use of injections (ortokine therapy) for minor injuries of the shoulder in more severe cases may requi…

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Joints replacement. Arthroplasty

Arthroplasty is a partial or total joint replacement of its artificial analogue – prosthesis. This operation is performed in cases where the function of the joint is completely broken and can not be restored.

Such operations in Israel are among the routine procedures and executed, on average, 2 times a day by an experienced orthopedic surgeon. The success rate of arthroplasty in Israel 99%.

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Knee treatment

Knee is one of the most vulnerable joints in the human body as it accounts for a large portion of the load.

The main knee problems of our patients are:

galka damage to the medial meniscus

galka chondromalacia (exhaustion or injury patella)

galka anterior cruciate ligament rupture

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