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Gastrointestinal surgeries




Gastrointestinal surgery is performed by our leading Israeli surgeons to treat various diseases. These are operations on organs such as the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and rectum, liver, gall bladder, and pancreas.


Surgery can be used to remove malignant or benign tumors or a damaged part of an organ, for example, the intestine.


Operations on the digestive tract are performed in an open and endoscopic manner, according to the doctor’s decision, depending on individual factors in each case.


Some surgical procedures are used to screen and diagnose digestive problems.


Gastroenterological operations performed by our leading surgeons in the Assuta Hospital:

⇒ Gastroscopy

⇒ Colonoscopy

⇒ Gastroscopy + ligation of esophageal varices

⇒ Gastroscopy + Polypectomy
⇒ Setting dynamic cylinder
⇒ Radiofrequency ablation of the esophagus

⇒ Nissen fundoplication

⇒ Esophagus achalasia laparoscopy
⇒ Medical retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
⇒ Sigmoidoscopy
⇒ Gatsro sigmo polipectomy
⇒ Gastrocolonoscopy + polypectomy
⇒ Proctorectoscopy
⇒ Gastroscopy – expanding balloon
⇒ Colonoscopy – expanding balloon
⇒ Duodenal intubation
⇒ Esophageal Stenting
⇒ Bowel stenting

⇒ Gastrocoloscopy
⇒ Colonoscopy + stenting

⇒ Gastro-enema

⇒ Closure of the stomach laparoscopically
⇒ Install the ring (braces) on the stomach

⇒ Primary obesity surgery endoluminal (POSE)
⇒ Resection of the small intestine
⇒ Colectomy
⇒ Colon resection
⇒ Appendix removal
⇒ Intestinal polyps

⇒ Perianal abscess

⇒ Perianal fistula – correction

⇒ Correction of anal fissure
⇒ Hemorrhoids
⇒ Anoplasty
⇒ Cholecystectomy
⇒ Laparoscopy stomach and gall bladder
⇒ Repeated removal of the inguinal and umbilical hernia
⇒ Laparotomy

⇒ Diagnostic laparoscopy

⇒Reconstruction of the small intestine
⇒ Closing intestine / colon

⇒ Removal of rectal tumors
⇒ Rectal Resection (MILES)
⇒ Surgery for rectal prolapse
⇒ Radiofrequency ablation of liver (RF)
⇒ Liver resection
⇒ Operation on the head of the pancreas (Whipple surgery)
⇒ Partial pancreatectomy – laparoscopy
⇒ Removal of abdominal cavity tumors
⇒ Bariatric gastroscopy via the mouth
⇒ Heller myotomy

⇒ Rectal prolapse – correction through the abdomen
⇒ Epigastric hernia – laparoscopy
⇒ Correction of hernia in children
⇒ Correction of inguinal hernia in children
⇒ Adrenalectomy – laparoscopy
⇒ Correction hiatal hernia – laparoscopy

⇒ Hernia of the abdominal wall – laparoscopy

⇒ Umbilical hernia – laparoscopy
⇒ Sigmoidectomy
⇒ Abdomen and pelvic examination under anesthesia (EUA)
⇒ Removal of rectal cancer by transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM)
⇒ Removal of abscess / drainage under CT or ultrasound
⇒ Neuro-epidural injection
⇒ Recovery bile ducts
⇒ Surgical removal of the spleen
⇒ Bypass stomach – laparoscopy
⇒ Esophagectomy (removal of the esophagus)
⇒ Gastric bypass surgery – open surgery
⇒ Sleeve plastic stomach – laparoscopy
⇒ Gastrectomy
⇒ Stomach resection – laparoscopy
⇒ Partial resection of the pancreas tail
⇒ Liver biopsy

⇒ Rectal Resection (MILES) – laparoscopy

⇒ Partial gastrectomy
⇒ Laparoscopy colon or small intestine
⇒ Appendectomy (removal of the appendix) – laparoscopy
⇒ Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal)
⇒ Splenectomy (removal of the spleen) – laparoscopy
⇒ Partial hepatectomy (removal of the liver) – laparoscopy
⇒ Low anterior resection of the bowel – laparoscopy




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