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Test for tuberculosis (TB) before surgery in Israel



Dear friends,


We would like to inform you about the new requirements of Israeli clinics for patients who come to Israel for treatment from abroad. These requirement were worked out in order to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in Israel.


January, 2019


After a thorough discussion of the issue of tuberculosis, in order to ensure proper treatment and provision of all medical services, patients coming from other countries should follow recommendations below:


1. Foreign patients who are already in Israel and are being prepared for chest surgery are required to undergo a Gen expert TB test prior to the approval of the surgery. For the test a sample of sputum from the lungs will be taken at the department of the clinics.


2. For surgeries on other organs, not including the lungs, a lung X-ray scan is required (regardless of the patient’s age) or a radiography scan interpretation by an Israeli radiologist.


3. Before performing bronchoscopy, it is also necessary to undergo a test for tuberculosis.


Thank you for your cooperation.


We hope for your understanding.


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