Removal of the adenoids is a common surgery. This is a routine procedure that takes about an hour.


Adenoids are polyps located behind the upper part of the nasopharynx. They are part of the immune system and are more common in children than in adults.


Enlarged adenoids can block the airways and cause difficulty in breathing through the nose. In such a situation, the child begins to breathe through the mouth snoring during sleep, sometimes it is accompanied by the cessation of breathing for a while. Enlarged adenoids can also block the ear canal and as a consequence lead to hearing loss due to fluid buildup in the ears or recurring ear infections. Another feature of enlarged adenoids is a runny nose, mucus in the back of the throat, leading to irritation, and respiratory and asthma attacks.



As mentioned above, increased adenoids can be identified by symptoms: snoring and sleep with your mouth open, chronic rhinitis, recurrent ear infections, coughs, and in some cases asthma.

If you suspect an extended adenoids you may get a doctor second opinion in Israel, and if required to perform X-rays, as well as a study of the nasal cavity optical device.



Typically, Israeli ENT specialists are not recommend a surgery to remove the adenoids (adenoidectomy)  for children under the age of one year, except when clearly identified obstructive sleep apnea or a clear violation of the child’s growth. With age, more than one year enlarged adenoids block the respiratory and auditory pathways, causing ear disease, respiratory diseases or recurrent sinus infections. Most of the children operated at the age of three to four years.


Before the surgery the child must undergo a blood test. For six hours before surgery should stop taking the food. In the case of disease, the anesthesiologist and the surgeon consider whether the operation at this point, or it should be postponed to a later date, after the child’s recovery.


The operation is performed under general anesthesia. With this anesthesia, the child does not feel any contact with his body during surgery. Anesthesia mask can flow through the airways into the vein or gradually. The choice depends on the age of the child. One parent can accompany the child to the operating room until the baby falls asleep.


The operation is performed through the mouth without any external incisions. After removal of the adenoids surgically doctor stops bleeding with the help of local pressure and electrode (electrocautery).


After surgery, the child is sent to the recovery room, where he spends a few hours. In the recovery room the parents stay with the child. During this time, the child gradually returns from the sleep state into a state of full activity. The child remained in the hospital until the complete cessation of bleeding from the nose or mouth (if there is). After surgery, some time is necessary to consult and survey of surgeon.


Some children, even though the operation may be hard of hearing due to accumulation of fluid in the middle ear. To solve this problem, the doctor can install tubes into ventilation ducts ear canals.


Since the postoperative period may be associated with mild pain, some children take pain medication prescribed by the doctor.


Babies who have a partial failure of the before surgery (cleft palate) are at risk of developing disorders of speech or swallowing after surgery, and are therefore not recommended surgical removal of the adenoids.


In the first days after the operation the child is recommended to warm drinks as well as soft and warm food. In the case of retention and a fever of 38 degrees for few days, consult the doctor.

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