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Anaplastic astrocytoma




Astrocytoma is a malignant tumor (Class 3), but it is less invasive than glioblastoma and has a better prognosis. Compared with glioblastoma, astrocytoma usually occurs at a younger age.



Against the backdrop of a pronounced increase in intracranial pressure, symptoms of anaplastic astrocytoma is headache, which may be accompanied by weakness of the limbs, various functional disorders, behavioral disorders, convulsions.



On the basis of diagnostic imaging tests, such as CT or MRI, astrocytoma defined as surrounded by edema formation and pressure, but without necrosis as glioblastomas. Definitive diagnosis requires analysis of a sample of tumor tissue, which can be made on biopsy.


Treatment of astrocytoma – combines the surgical removal of tumors, radiosurgery (radiation therapy), and chemotherapy, which requires close cooperation of several specialists – neurosurgeons and neuro-oncology.


Surgery. Needed to remove the tumor, thereby reducing the pressure to improve quality of life and reduce much of the tumor tissue to the extent possible in order to prolong life expectancy. The use of new technologies such as intraoperative navigation system used by our specialists, coloring and highlighting tumor tissue, significantly improved operating results over the past decade.


Radiotherapy. It is also an important part of the treatment provided to patients in fragments for about 5 weeks to prevent healthy tissue demage tissue from radiation. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, without the need for hospitalization.


Chemotherapy. Most patients taking the drug Temodal is recommended. Drug therapy does not require hospitalization and allows the patient to live a regular life. Other treatments include topical therapy Gliadel. Furthermore, it may be applied Avastin, to further treatment in cases when the tumor does not respond to other drugs.



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