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Benefits and disadvantages of online consultation






Dear Patient,


You can get a free preliminary consultation with a doctor about possible treatment options in Israel, by phone, Skype or email.


We can also provide you with a second opinion of the leading Israeli specialist (pre-paid service).



Online consultation has its own advantages and disadvantages, compared with a full-time consultation in Israel.


The main disadvantages of the Skype or Viber consultation:

1. Impossibility of visual and physical examination of the patient, even despite the good video resolution.


2. Lack of some studies (which must be performed in Israel) and, as a consequence, access to the full picture of the disease, making it difficult or impossible to issue an opinion. Based on this, the very meaning of the online consultation is lost.


4. Actually less consultation time, as a result of possible technical communication problems.


Advantages of online consultation:

1. Relatively low cost of the consultation, which does not include the cost of flight and accommodation in Israel.


2. When it is problematic or impossible for the patient to come to Israel for advice and / or treatment due to a physical condition.


3. Quick organization of an online consultation in the shortest possible time with constant feedback without queues and expectations.


Our team will determine the availability and sufficiency of tests and studies at the stage of preliminary medical consultation.





Should you have any question or you need to schedule an appointment, please contact us at +972 54-803-4532, email: info@resultmed.com or fill out the application form.


We will contact you as soon as possible.


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ResultMed provides medical treatment organization and coordination services for foreign patients only.


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