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Personalized cancer treatment – transfer to individual therapy regimen




1. What is precision cancer treatment? – Dr. Raanan Berger, Head of Cancer Institute.


In most cases cancer is caused by a mutation of a human genome.


Nowadays, our oncologists use new methods for cancer genomes-oncomarkers (DNA mutations) identification. This allows to identify not only cancer tumor type but also the impact of different drugs that are not included in the standard anticancer therapy. Thus, patient and doctor become to know what exactly will work on a specific tumor of a specific person.



Onсotests are genomic and genetic studies for detection of DNA mutations with using biopsy of tumor tissue or blood test which help to choose correctly the precise cancer treatment (out of standard treatment) for each patient.


Molecular oncotests for precision cancer treatment in Israel – Review


Personalized or precision cancer treatment in Israel:

Personalized treatment for breast cancer
Personalized bowel cancer treatment
Personalized lung cancer treatment
Personalized treatment for ovarian cancer


Each person inherits a set of genes from both parents. This gene which is available in almost all cells of the body and embodied in the structure of DNA strands. If in the cellular DNA a defect or mutation occurs, that may cause inclusion of cancer genes. Your body cannot control this process. The defective cell continues to multiply that results in cancer. Mutations can occur as a result of exposure to endogenous and exogenous causes (for example cancerogenic chemicals, radiation, etc.). Only in а very small number of cases the mutation is inherited from parents. In many cases, the cause of the mutation remains unknown.


Why it is important to identifying DNA changes in cancer cells

Detection of DNA mutations in cancer cells and the definition of genes-markers allows to develop personalized treatment – individual therapy protocol in accordance with a genetic profile of cancer tumor. Personalized therapy has an advantage when selecting the most effective treatment, in comparison to standard treatment previously underwent by patient: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.


Personalized treatment includes special anticancer drugs and cures directed against the mutating cancer cells. Such therapy has much less effect on healthy cells.


In many cases, due to early diagnosis the tumor can be removed by surgery. In some cases, such as colon cancer, breast cancer or prostate cancer, the question often arises whether a preventive treatment, radiotheraphy or chemotherapy is necessary. In such cases, doctor may recommend genetic tests for genes-oncomarkers.


In order to prepare the patient for personalized treatment against a certain type of cancer and tumor mutations tests, three types of researches are applied:


⇒ The study of tissue samples (Tissue Panels) – sequencing genes-oncomarkers method on tissue sample.


⇒The study of sample liquid (Liquid Panels) – sequencing genes-oncomarkers method on blood sample.


⇒ Inclusive genome-proteomic studies (Ultra-Coverage Genomic Proteomic). General genome sequencing of tumor cells on distant tissues.

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Dr. Raanan Berger – Director of Oncology Institute, Chaim Shiba Medical Center, Tel ha Shomer, Israel.

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