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Assuta Hospital



Assuta is the biggest private hospital of Israel with branches across the country. Here all the advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies are focused, all kinds of minimally invasive, endoscopic and open surgery are performed, practice hundreds of experienced doctors, heads of departments of biggest public Israeli hospitals.


Each year, the clinic performs nearly 90,000 operations, 60,000 examination procedures, more than 25,000 diagnostic procedures with the use of PET-CT, CT and MRI, approximately 5,500 cardiac catheterization procedures (closed heart surgery). The hospital is also held annually about 5,000 in vitro fertilization procedures (IVF) success rate which is the highest in Israel (about 40%).


Assuta has 17 operating rooms, equipped according to the world health standards, some of them allow to combine several operations. The hospital has the most modern Department of Radiology and imaging in Israel, where doctors, radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists work. As a result of applying the most modern technology, a minimum level of radiation is achieved that will not harm healthy human tissue. For several years, the clinic also conducted operations using the unique technology – the m “Da Vinci” robot, which is managed by an experienced surgeon. It allows to do remote operations as well.


Thanks to the robotic technology, doctors have the opportunity to carry out very complicated surgeries, reaching the most inaccessible areas of the human body.

The Hematology Institute at Assuta provides a comprehensive professional solution in all areas of hematology including diagnosis and treatment of hematologic malignancies (leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma), benign hematologic diseases, blood disorders and blood clotting.


The Institute operates in a number of settings, including a hematology clinic, a designated hospitalization department, and a framework for day care. The Institute provides a therapeutic solution for all hematological problems, including bone marrow transplantation.


The uniqueness of the Hematological Institute in Assuta is in the added value it provides to patients: high availability for treatments, fast diagnostic process, including bone marrow biopsy, lymph node biopsy and PET scan, multidisciplinary response, nursing staff and administrative staff with a standard of professional and quality service, the team’s preparation and preparation of the drug treatment takes place before the arrival of the patient, patient has the option of direct hospitalization in the hospital’s department, without the need to register in the emergency room.


Here at the disposal of our patients are comfortable rooms, designed for a maximum of two people and equipped with modern facilities. For the convenience of patients there is a TV set next to each bed with  broadcasting the programs in English. Patient may also order a private room.


We will help you organize the examination and treatment in Assuta at any convenient time for you. When it comes to surgery, it is possible to use anesthetic duty service or the services of private anesthetists, as well as to book a private room.


Enjoy friendly customized medical staff with room service, as well as therapists and personal English-speaking assistant from ResultMed.

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Hematology Institute – Assuta Hospital

The Hematology Department of Assuta Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel, provides a comprehensive professional solution in all areas of hematology, including the diagnosis and treatment of hematologic malignant tumors, benign hematologic diseases, blood diseases, histiocytosis and blood coagulation problems. (more…)
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