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Best Israeli doctors 2022 Forbes

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Please find below the list of the best Israeli doctors in 2022 according to the annual Forbes ranking.

Forbes consulted dozens of doctors in each medical field and asked them to recommend other great doctors in each of the subspecialties that make up their area of ​​expertise with the exception of the narrow specialty in which they are engaged. It was done in order to reduce possibility of personal bias.

There is a Forbes list of oncologists, cardiologists, orthopedists, urologists, rheumatologists and other specialists who have many years of experience in a specific field and great recommendations.

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Best Oncologists of Israel 2022

Head and neck tumors

Prof. Ben-Yosef Rahamim – Head of the Radiology Institute, Oncology Department at the Rambam Medical Center. Responsible for the field of radioactive iodine treatment in Assuta center. Expert for head and neck tumors.

Dr. Salem Blanc – Director of the head and neck cancer unit, Fishman Oncology Center, Rambam Medical Center

Prof. Popovitzer Aharon – Head of the Oncology Institute, otolaryngologist. Radiotherapy and oncology, specialist in head and neck, skin and gland cancer, thyroid cancer, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center

Dr. Tsuk-Shina Tzahala –  Head of the neuro-oncology unit in the Oncology Department, Rambam Medical Center


Neuro-oncologists, brain and spine cancer 

Dr. Bookstein Felix – Director of the neuro-oncology service, Tel Aviv medical center (Ichilov)

Prof. Deborah Blumenthal – Co-director of the neuro-oncology service, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Prof. Losos Alexander – Head of the neuro-oncology unit, center Leslie and Michael Gaffin Sharett Institute, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center

Prof. Sigal Tali – Head of neuro-oncology center, Davidoff Center, Beilinson Hospital 

Prof. Gordon Carlos – Director of Unit for postural disorders and dizziness, Meir Medical center


Lung Cancer

Dr. Gottfried Maya –  Director of the Oncology Institute, Meir Medical Center

Dr. Urban Damian – Oncologist in Lung Cancer department, Sheba Medical Center

Dr. Bar Yair – Unit manager of lung oncology, Sheba Medical Center

Dr. Welner Mariana –  Senior physician and Coordinator in the lung cancer, Oncology Department, Rambam Medical Center

Prof. Nehushtan Hovav –  Senior physician of the oncology department. A specialist in lung cancer and tumors of the urine and kidney systems, Hadassah Medical Center

Prof. Peled Nir – Director of the Oncology Department,  Shaare Tsedek Medical Center


Breast cancer

Dr. Ben-Baruch Noa –  Head of the oncology department at the Kaplan Medical center

Prof. Chaim Gutman – Director of the oncological surgery unit at Rabin Medical Center,. Surgery professor at the Medicine School of Tel Aviv University. A Chairman of the Israeli company, specialized on oncological surgery, member of American and European oncological society

Prof. Yablonsky-Peretz Tamar – Senior doctor,  Director of an SERT oncology institute at Hadassah Medical Center

Prof. Rinat Yerushalmi –  Director of Breast Oncology Unit, Davidoff Center, Beilinson Hospital

Dr. Evron Ella – Director of  Breast Oncology Unit, Ichilov medical center and  the hospital Shamir (Assaf Harofeh). Doctor at the Oncology institute, Assuta Ramat Hospital

Prof. Inbar Moshe –  Head of Oncology Department at Ichilov medical center Tel Aviv. Oncology consultant,  Assuta medical center

Dr. Palouch-Shimon Shani –  Director of Breast Medicine Unit, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center

Dr. Rosengarten Ora –  Director of  Gynecological Oncology Unit, Shaare Zedek Medical Center

Dr. Sharon Eran –  expert of general and oncological breast surgery, the director of the breast health center, Beilinson Hospital


Breast surgery

Dr. Barsouk Dafna – Specialist for general surgery and breast surgeryת םncologist, Assuta Hospital

Prof. Gutman Mordechai – Head of the center for Geriatric Surgery, Medical Center Sheba Tel Hashomer

Dr. Zipel Dov – Head of the Oncological Surgery unit, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Dr. Hativ Marian – Senior surgeon, director of the surgical center Shed in Ichilov, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Dr. Carmon Moshe – Head of the for breast surgery unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Prof. Manes Tahila – Head of the breast surgery unit, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Prof. Pappa Moshe – Expert in surgery general and oncological surgery. Breast and gastrointestinal surgery

Prof. Shabtai Moshe – Surgeon, expert for breast surgery and neck surgery, plastic surgery

Prof. Barnea Yoav – Head of the department for plastic surgery, Tel Aviv medical center (Ichilov)

Prof. Gur Eyal – Specialist in the department of plastic surgery, the center Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Prof. Hayek Yossi – Head of the for plastic surgery department. Head of the center for intensive care for burns, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Dr. Leshem David –  Unit Director of the  for craniofacial surgery.  Head of the plastic surgery department and a plastic surgery clinic, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Prof. Tsilinsky Yitzhak – Expert for plastic surgery and moz surgeries, Herzliya Medical Center


Bone tumors and sarcoma

Prof. Merimski Ofer –  Deputy Director of Oncology department. Head of the unit for skeletal and soft tissue cancer. Head an oncology follow-up clinic, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Dr. Ben-Ami Eitan – Deputy director of the Oncology institute, Sheba Medical Center

Prof. Bar-Sela Gil – Head of the Cancer center “Beit Shulamit”, the Emek Medical Center

Dr. Zik Aviad – Senior physician in the Oncology department, Hadassah Medical Center

Dr. Zer Alona – Head of oncology department, Rambam Medical Center

Dr. Katz Daniela – Former director of Breast malignancy and sarcoma service at the Shamir Hospital’s Cancer Institute, Assaf Harofeh


Digestive System Cancer

Prof. Ben-Aharon Irit – Director of the Oncology Department, Rambam medical center

Prof. Brenner Baruch – Senior physician of Oncology Department, Davidoff Center, Billinson Hospital

Dr. Geva Ravit – Unit Director for research and Deputy director of the Oncology Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Prof. Hubert Ayala – Head of the unit for tumors in the digestive system treatent, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center

Prof. Wolf Ido – Director of the Oncology Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Dr. Tahover Esther – Specialist doctor, Oncology department, Assuta Hospital

Dr. Shaham-Shmueli Einat – Director of the Digestion Oncology Unit, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center

Prof. Shtamer Salomon – Head of the Research Unit and the Deputy director of The Oncology Institute. Responsible for Internship program and a manager of Trubman Research center, Beilinson Hospital

Dr. Yampolsky Igal – Expert for general surgery

Dr. Karin Eliad (Adi) – Managing Director of the Abdominal wall surgery service in the surgical division, Tel Aviv medical center (Ichilov)


Urological oncology

Prof. Berger Raanan – Head of the oncology department Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer

Dr. Neuman Vita – Head of Unit, oncology hospital, at the Davidoff Center, Billinson Hospital

Dr. Peer Avivit – Senior physician. Manager of clinical studies in the Oncology Department, Rambam Medical Center

Dr. Keizman Daniel – Oncology Specialist, Head of the onco-urology unit, Oncology department, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Dr. Rosenbaum Eli – Head of uhe unit urological oncology, Davidoff Center, Billinson Hospital



Dr. Galinsky-Zoref Dalia – Senior doctor in the breast oncology unit and specialist in gynecology-oncology, Davidoff Cancer Center, Beilinson Hospital

Dr. Levavi Hanoch – former Head of the gynecology oncology unit at the women’s hospital, Billinson

Prof. Safra Tamar – Head of the center for women’s cancer center, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Dr. Shapira Frommer Roni – Head of the Ella Malbaum Institute for immuno-oncology and melanoma, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Gynecology-oncology surgery

Prof. Eitan Ram – Director of the unit for gynecology and oncology at Women’s Department, Billinson 

Dr. Beiner Mario – Director of  the unit for gynecology oncology, specialist in gynecology and endoscopic surgery (laparoscopic and robotics), Meir Medical Center

Prof. Ben-Baruch Gilad – Senior physician in the gynecology and oncology department, former director of the department, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Prof. Grisero Dan – head of the gynecology and oncology department, Lys hospital for maternity and women, Tel Aviv the medical center (Ichilov)

Prof. Vaknin Zvi – Head of the gynecology oncology unit, Shamir Hospital (Assaf Ha Rofe)

Prof. Lavi Ofer – Head of women and maternity department. Specialist in gynecological oncology, Carmel medical center

Dr. Amit Amnon – Director of the gynecology unit, oncologist, Fishman Oncology Center, Rambam Medical Center

Prof. Perry Tamar – Head the Gynecology Oncology Department, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center

Dr. Korah Yaakov – Head of the department for gynecology and oncology, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Dr. Bowman Deborah – Senior physician in the women’s and maternity department. Center manager

Dr. Geist Ruti – Senior consultant in the fields of urogynecology, endometriosis surgery and childhood gynecology and growing up in the central region. 

Dr. Harel Yael – Specialist doctor in the Women’s Department, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer



Dr. Alon Aharon – Unit head for advanced technologies in radiotherapy, Davidoff Center in Beilinson Hospital. Doctor at the Nara Medical center, Billinson Hospital

Prof. Ben-David Merav – Expert in clinical oncology and radiotherapy. Director of the oncology imaging,  Assuta hospital

Dr. Gutfeld Orit – Director of Radiation Institute, Tel Aviv Medical Center –  Ichilov

Dr. Vigoda Mark – Unit director of radiotherapy and imaging, Hadassah Medical Center. Specilaized in the prostate, all types of tumors of the urinary and reproductive systems.

Dr. Lawrence Yaakov – Director for applied research in radiotherapy center. Specialist in brain tumors and radiotherapy. Senior doctor, the Institute of Radiotherapy, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center

Dr. Mairovitz Amichai – Director of Oncology department, Heritage Oncology Legacy Center. Specialist in oncology, radiotherapy and internal Medicine, Soroka Medical Center 

Dr. Simon Zvi – Director of oncological radiotherapy institute, Sheba Medical Center

Prof. Fenig Eyal – Senior physician. Radiotherapy, Billinson Hospital

Dr. Pfeffer Raphael – Senior radiation physician and the Director of the Oncology Institute, Assuta

Prof. Koren Ben – Head of radiotherapy department, Shaare Medical Center.


Pain Management and Palliation Treatment

Dr. Wayne Shimon –  expert in psycho-oncology and palliative treatment. Director of the palliative service, Davidoff Center, Beilinson Hospital

Dr. Moorg Ofir – Unit manager and an expert in pain medicine and mitigation pain for oncology patients, Sheba Medical Center

Dr. Zabar Ron –  Family doctor and specialist in palliative medicine, founder of “Zabar Medicine” clinics and home hospitalization system

Prof. Charni Nathan – Director of the Unit for oncology pain and supportive care, the Shaare Zedek Medical Center

Dr. Rotenberg – chairman of the palliative team, Hadassah Medical Center

Prof. Schwartzman Pesach – expert in family medicine, Pain and Palliative Medicine. Director of Palliative unit, the Soroka Medical Center. Director of  Family Medicine and  pain relief Service Department in the southern district of general health services

Dr. Talem Rotem – medical expert in internal medicine and geriatrics. Geriatric service manager in the general hospital and palliative medicine. The Clinic Director for supportive treatment of cancer patients, Ichilov  – Tel Aviv Medical Center


Dermato-pathology (interpretation) skin biopsy 

Prof. Barzilai Aviv – expert in skin and sexual diseases, pathology with subspecialty in dermatopathology. Manager of the dermatology department and responsible for the dermatopathology at the Pathology Institute, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center


Best Hematologist of Israel 2022

Prof. Mani Nega – Expert for hematology, general health insurance 

Prof. Rond Deborah (Debi) – Researcher in the Department of Hematology, formerly director of the therapeutic hemiparesis unit, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center

Dr. Stark Pinchas – Head of the clinic private “Stark Medical”, formerly a clinic center Thalassemia in the hematology at Billinson Hospital



Dr. Bilori Bella – Senior Doctor in pediatric hemato-oncology at Safra Children’s Hospital, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center

Prof. Ben-Yehuda Dina – Director of the Hematology department, Hadassah Medical Center 

Prof. Gefter-Guili Anat – Director of the Internal medicine department A and a Senior doctor in the hematology unit, Billinson

Dr. Jacobi Elad – Manager of the Center for immunotherapy and cellular therapy in children. Department of Hemato-Oncology and bone marrow transplants in the Children’s hospital, Sheba Medical Center Tel ha Shomer

Prof. Pelatiel Ora – Senior doctor in the Hematology Department, formerly Director of the School of Public Health, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center

Prof. Dina Ben-Yehuda – Hematologist

Prof. Ruo Yaakov – Senior physician in the hematology department, Shaare Tzedek Medical Center. Specialist in bleeding and blood clotting


Pediatric hemato-oncology

Dr. Levin Dror – Deputy Head of Department. Director of Bone and Tissue Tumor rheumatism in children Service. Head  of the clinic for Pediatric Hemato-Oncology, Medical Center Tel Aviv (Ichilov)

Dr. Abrahami Gali – Deputy Director of hemato-oncology department, Schneider Pediatrics

Prof. Elhasid Ronit – Head of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Department, Dana Doak Children’s Hospital, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Dr. Elitzur Sara – Manager of Hematological malignancies in children unit, Schneider Pediatric Center

Prof. Michael Weintraub – Head of the unit for pediatric hematology and oncology, Shaare Zedek Medical Center

Dr. Toledano Helen – Director of the unit for neuro-oncology in the Hemato- Oncology department, Schneider Medical Center Children

Prof. Israeli Shay – Director of the hematological-oncology Unit, Schneider Center

Dr. Yalon-Oran Michal –  Director of the service for pediatric neuro-oncology and a senior doctor in the pediatric hemato-oncology department at Safra Children’s Hospital, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center

Dr. Jacobovitz Joan – Head of the hematology unit in the Hemato-Oncology department, Schneider Medical Center

Dr. Stein Jerry – Head of the unit for bone marrow transplantation, Schneider Center

Prof. Toran Amos – Head of the hemato-oncology and bone marrow transplants department, Safra Children’s Hospital, Specialist in pediatrics, hematology and pediatric hemato-oncology, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Prof. Tamary Hana – Head of the Hematology unit 

Prof. Barry Asnat – Head of Service for chronic leukemias in the Hematology unit, Billinson Hospital

Prof. Harshino Yair – Unit Director CLL, the hematological department, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Dr. Wallach Ofir –  Senior physician in the Hematology department. Head of the inpatient hemato-oncology unit at the Davidoff Center, Beit Billinson Hospital

Dr. Levy Itai – Director of the Hematology department, specialist in leukemia and lymphoma, Soroka Medical Center

Prof. Raanani Pia – Headhematology and hemato-oncology unit, Davidoff Center, a specialist in acute and chronic leukemia, Billinson Hospital 



Dr. Gurion Ronit – Head of the hematological ambulatory service at the Davidoff Center, co-director of the clinic for multidisciplinary treatment of lymphomas of the skin, Hemato- Oncology Institute at the Davidoff Center, Billinson Hospital

Dr. Perry Chava – Director of the unit for lymphomas in the hematological system, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov) Multiple Myeloma

Prof. Avivi-Metza Irit – Head of the Hematology Institute, Medical Center Tel Aviv (Ichilov)

Prof. Cohen-Hava Yael – Director for myeloma unit, hematological department, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Laparoscopic surgery

Dr. Alberton Yosef – expert – oncologist in laparoscopic surgery. Director of the hospitalization unit, Shaare Zedek Medical Center

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Best Urologists of Israel 2022

Dr. Barez Yair – Senior Urologist, Bnei Zion Medical Center

Prof. Mabejish Nikola – Head of Urology Department, Soroka Medical Center

Dr. Rosenzweig Barak – Director Urological Oncology Service, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Dr. Shoshani Ohad – Senior physician in Urology Unit, Billinson Hospital Oncological urology

Prof. Beniel Jack – Head of the Urology Department, Billinson Hospital

Prof. Gafrit Ofer Natan – Head of Urology Department, Hadassah Medical Center Ein Kerem

Prof. Greenstein Alexander – Senior Urologist, Rambam Medical Center

Dr. Dotan Zohar – Urologist Department Manager, Sheba Tel Medical Center 

Prof. Zisman Amnon –  Expert for urological surgery and Head of the Urology department, Shamir Hospital (Assaf Ha Rofe).

Dr. Vladimir Yutkin – Head of the Oncological urology unit, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center

Prof. Yossepowitz Ofer – Head of Urological Department, Medical Center Tel Aviv (Ichilov)

Dr. Katz Ran – Head of the Urologist department, Ziv Medical Center

Dr. Laufer Menachem – Senior surgeon urological surgery, Sheba Tel Hashomer

Prof. Ilan Leibovitz – Head of Urological Department, Meir Medical Center

Prof. Haim Matzkin – former director of the Urology department at the Tel Aviv medical center (Ichilov), specialist in urology Oncological and in prostate and pocket tumors

Prof. Margal David – Director of the Men’s Health Center, Raphael Hospital

Prof. Nativ Ofer – specialist in urological surgery, Elisha Hospital

Prof. Sidi Ami – Head of the Urological service, Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center

Prof. Amiel Gilad – Head of Urology Department, Rambam Medical Center

Prof. Fuda Dov – Specialist in Urology, Bladder treatments and surgeries, prostate, the testicles, and the reproductive system of the man, Hadassah Ein Medical Center

Dr. Kidar Daniel – Expert in Urology Oncology, Head of the urology clinics, Billinson Hospital

Dr. Kakiashvili David – manager of the urological department, Galilee Medical Center 

Prof. Ramon Jaakov –  Urology specialist 

Dr. Zibian Alexander – Head urology department, Head of the laparoscopic and reconstructive urology service , Wolfson Medical Center impotence, sexology, sexual function

Dr. Holland Ronen – Expert in urological surgery. Senior doctor in the unit for stone surgeries in the urology system, Operates the venereal disease clinic (STD), Billinson Hospital

Prof. Chen Yoza – Urological surgery specialist Ramat Aviv Medical Center 

Dr. Ketrey Noam – senior physician, specialist in neuro-urology, sexual dysfunction, urinary leakage, pelvis problems in women, Sheba Tel Medical Center

Dr. Golomb Jacob – former ыenior physician in the urology department and manager of the women’s urology, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center

Dr. Weinreb Michael – Center of field Pelvic floor diseases, Meir Medical Center

Prof. Stav Yaakov – Head of the Neuro-urology unit, Shamir Hospital

Dr. Friedman Boris – Senior physician in the urology department. Head of the Urology Department, Carmel Medical Center

Prof. Shenfeld Ofer – Director of the reconstructive and functional urology center, Shaare Zedek Medical Center


Children, birth urology defects

Prof. Ben Chaim Jaakov – Director of the Pediatric urology unit at Dana Hospital Duak for Children, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Dr. Ben Meir David – Head of the Urology unit, Schneider Medical Center Children

Dr. Hadesh Guy – Pediatric urology specialist. Head of the children urology unit, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center

Prof. Halami Sheral  – Head of the Urological department, specialist in pediatric urological surgery, Bnei Zion Medical Center

Prof. Livne Pinchas – Expert in pediatric urology, Herzliya Medical Center

Prof. Yehezkel Landau – Senior physician in the pediatric urology unit, director the pediatric urology service, Assuta University Hospital Samson, Ashdod, Hadassah Medical Center

Prof. Mor Yoram – Director of the pediatric urology unit at the hospital Edmond and Lily Safra for children, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center

Dr. Moorg Roi – Senior pediatric urologist, Schneider Pediatric Center 

Dr. Naaman Amos – Specialist in urology. Head of the children urology unit, Shamir Hospital (Assaf Ha Rofe).

Prof. Certin Boris – Head of the Urological department and Pediatric Urology, Medical Center Shaare Zedek


Urological surgery

Dr. Nadu Andrey – Head of the unit for laparoscopic urology, Billinson Hospital

Dr. Berry Avi – Senior physician in the Urology department, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Dr. Golan Shay – Head of the Urological Oncology Service at Billinson Hospital. Specialist in tiny oncological urology Invasive surgery, Billinson Hospital

Dr. Gor Uri – Specialist in reconstructive urology, urethral operations, urine leakage in men and sexual dysfunction, Meir Medical Center

Dr. Dekel Yoram – Urological surgery expert. Head of the Urology Department, Carmel Medical Center

Dr. Zilberman Dorit – Service manager Robotic-urological surgery. Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Dr. Hatomi Shira – Specialist for urological surgery at Ofek Medical Kiryat Ono

Dr. Katz Shalom –  Expert in urological surgery, pioneers of the prostate evaporation method in Israel, doctor at Assuta Ramat Hayal Hospital

Dr. Sagi Itai – Expert in urological surgery, oncological urology and robotic surgery. Senior physician in the urology department, Meir Medical center 



Dr. Aharoni Shahar – Senior physician in the Urology department, Billinson Hospital

Dr. Gilon Gabi – urologist

Prof. Greenold Ilan – Director of the unit neurourology and sexual dysfunction unit, Rambam Medical Center

Prof. Verdi Yoram , specialist doctor In the urology department, the center Bnei Zion Medical Center


Male fertility Specialists

Dr. Madgar Igal – Expert in urology and male fertility. Head of Assuta Suprem Sperm Bank, Hospital Asuta

Prof. Sofer Mario – Director of the Endoscopic urology unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)

Prof. Raviv Gil – Director of the unit male fertility. Senior doctor in the urology department, impotence, sexual function and visualization specialist, Sheba Tel Medical Center

Dr. Shafi Shay – Man fertility specialist. Head andrology clinic, kidney stones.



Dr. Winkler Hari – Senior specialist in the endourology unit. Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer

Prof. Duvdevani Mordechai – Director of endourology Unit, Deputy director of the Urology department, Hadassah Ein Kerem

Dr. Zigel Yoram – Urologist, Herzliya Medical Center

Prof. Lifshitz David – Head of the Minimally Invasive Urology Unit, Sharon, Hospital (Rabin)

Dr. Kleinman Nir – Head of the endourology unit, Sheba medical center Tel Hashomer


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