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Dr. Alexander Belenky, MD





Israel’s leading specialist in interventional radiology. Head of department of interventional radiology Belinson Clinic (Medical Center. Rabin).

Senior surgeon private Assuta Medical Center. Head of the expert group of vascular surgery Medical Center “Biggs Medic”.



Education: Moscow State Medical Institute (1981).




♦ Minimally invasive endovascular radiology, endovascular catheterization of veins and arteries.

♦ Treatment of uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, vascular malformations, varicocele, deep vein abnormalities and leg arteries and organs of the digestive tract, hemangiomas, high blood pressure, liver tumors, etc.




– Head of the department of interventional radiology University Hospital №1, Moscow (1987-1989).

– Head of the Department of Vascular Interventional Radiology at Beilinson Hospital, Israel (at the moment).

– Founder of the Medical Center “Biggs Medic”. The head of the expert group in the field of vascular surgery, “Biggs Medic” (at the moment).



Academic expertise and research activities:


Dr. Belenky is a professor of Medical Faculty Sackler ,Tel-Aviv University, he is an active member of the Israeli and international research groups in the field of Interventional Radiology and Endovascular Surgery, which improves existing diagnostic and therapeutic methods, and invents new ones.


Dr. Belenky is a member of the Community interventional radiology of US and Russia.


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