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N.A.R.A Medical Center



N.a.r.a Medical Center, a third country largest private hospital located in Ramat Gan. You will find the center of Israel’s leading doctors and advanced medical technology in the world. Doctors team at N.a.r.a includes prominent doctors in Israel, including heads of departments / units and leading surgeons. Alongside faculty physicians, professional team of experts working in N.a.r.a medical warm and personalized for each patient and staff anesthesiologists experts with specific expertise in various fields of therapy.


The park has five small surgery analysis and approval of the Ministry of Health, four-Operation rooms, Department of specialized clinics and hospital rooms are clean, spacious and comfortable, with a TV installed in each room and bathroom. In addition, work center, department specialist clinics where you can consult and receive professional treatment following fields of medicine: endocrinology, chest and lungs, nervous, neurology, rheumatology and liver disease.


The medical center also operates N.a.r.a vascular clinic every day.


A variety of surgeries made at the center:

* General Surgery
* Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
* Vascular Surgery and Ungyo Diagnostic / Therapeutic
* Mohs surgery, Maxillofacial surgery
* Eye Surgery
* Pain Unit
* Orthopedics
* Urology
* Gynecology
* Hyperhidrosis

Concentration range of healthcare professionals in one place, allowing our customers to get answers to most of the medical problems that require consultation with a specialist, without additional clinics to seek out and without waiting queues. Treatments and surgeries at N.a.r.a recognized by most insurance companies and HMOs.


Medical Center N.a.r.a – Israel’s leading physicians, world leading technology.


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