An innovative treatment for prostate cancer – focused radiotherapy without damaging nearby organs

Bio-gel treatment in Israel

New treatment of prostate cancer gives new opportunities in the disease treatment. This treatment is especially useful in patients who have contraindications to radiotherapy due to genetic mutations or complications risk.


Prostate cancer Incidence in Israel


According to statistics every year about 26-30 thousand new cases of prostate cancer are registered in Israel. Among men, this type of cancer is most common at the age of 65, but now the Health Ministry reports about a decrease the cases number, primarily due to effective methods of treating and diagnosing prostate cancer in Israel.



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Bio-gel SPACE OAR reduces the radiation side effects


The most effective and acceptable treatment for prostate cancer is radiation therapy, but it also known with side effects associated with intestines damage in surrounding area. The new method, which was recently introduced at the Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel, and now used in Hadassa hospital, solves the problem and allows using radiotherapy without additional intestinal irradiation. This innovative treatment has already been experienced by patients who were cured at the Center.


Before radiotherapy, a biocompatible gel is used. The gel is injected into the space between the prostate and the intestine. This creates an additional separation layer that helps to reduce the unwanted exposure to radiation. After 4-6 months the bio-gel is dissolved itself in the body.


According to Tomer Haras, Head of the Rambam Oncology Department – This innovative invention was approved by the FDA 2 years ago, and during this time the gel has been implanted to more than 25 thousand times worldwide, mainly in the USA, Canada, England and Australia.


Effective organs protection during radiation therapy


Earlier in the study, a comparative analysis was conducted in 220 patients with and without gel. According to the patients observation with implanted biogel, the decrease irradiation in rectal area was noted, and later only a few undesirable manifestations on the part of the intestinal and urinary systems.


In Israel, this method is already becoming a standard radiotherapy part for prostate cancer in some medical centers. Bio-gel SpaceOAR is a product that is easy to inject, it absorbs itself and helps protect the organs around the prostate, reducing side effects.


Patient case


One of the first patients who had been treated with the gel was M., aged 80 years. He was previously diagnosed with high-risk prostate cancer and required radiotherapy in the pelvic region and prostate. But in the case of M., this could endanger him in the future, since he is the genetic mutation carrier – Lynch syndrome. Lynch syndrome may cause colorectal cancer in 3% of cases.


Irradiation in such patients can significantly increases the intestinal tumors risk. Before treatment gel was successfully implanted to a patient, and then radiotherapy was performed.


This case shows using the gel as a borderline, allowing radiotherapy to be used effectively and relatively safely for patients who have genetic mutations and who need intensive radiation therapy without the risk of other organs irradiation.


Israeli oncologists constantly introduce and use the advanced medical technologies.
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