Professor Baruch Brenner – Qualified Medical Consultation

Professor Baruch Brenner - Qualified Medical ConsultationLeading Oncologist – Gastrointestinal Cancer

Position: Director of Gastrointestinal Cancer Department

Hospital: Davidoff Center, Rabin (Beilinson) Medical Center

Qualified Medical Consultation Online, Second Opinion on Colorectal Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Esophageal Cancer

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Gastrointestinal Cancer

Colon cancer, stomach cancer, pancreas cancer, esophageal cancer, biliary tract cancer.


Education and training:

  • Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
  • Specialization in Oncology of the digestive tract, Beilinson Medical Center.
  • Practice in Oncology Center Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York – New York, USA.

Currently professor is an Associate Professor of Oncology, Sackler School, Medical Faculty, University of Tel Aviv.


Directions and research activities:

  • All types of malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Development of novel therapeutic and diagnostic approaches to gastrointestinal malignancies treatment.
  • Problems of gastrointestinal tumors epidemiology in Israel.
  • Conducting clinical and basic research in various forms of cancer gastrointestinal cancer, on all 4 stages (Davidoff Center, Rabin’s Beilinson Hospital).
  • Conduct clinical trials in collaboration with international research institutes and biotech companies to develop modern diagnostic methods and innovative approaches in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer.


Membership in professional organizations:

  • Member of the Israel Association of Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy.
  • Member of the Center of digestive system cancer of the European Association for Cancer Treatment and Research (EORTC), Centre for treatment of gastric cancer.
  • Member of Israeli community for gastric cancer treatment.
  • Member of Gastroenterology Cancer Association.
  • Publications in scientific journals.
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