Reuth Rehabilitation Center

Reuth Rehabilitation Center in Israel includes orthopedic rehabilitation after injuries and joints replacement, genetic, neurologic diseases rehabilitation (strokes, craniocerebral trauma, brain tumors, cerebral palsy, oxygen starvation, congenital syndromes, Spina Bifida). Also for our patients respiratory (artificial ventilation), postoperative and geriatric rehabilitation is provided.

Reuth Rehabilitation Center - orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation

Reuth Rehabilitation Center – is a private rehabilitation center, a modern medical and rehabilitation center, which contains 350 beds and serves about 1500 patients a year. Reuth has received JCI accreditation and serves as one of the basic clinics of Tel Aviv University medical school.

As Reuth is a private center the cost of rehabilitation is more accessible here than in state rehabilitation centers where prices are much higher, and the price policy is less flexible.

Reuth was established in 1961. At the moment it is the leading modern medical complex. Rehabilitation in Reuth implies the rehabilitation of patients after illnesses, injuries, surgeries.


Main areas of rehabilitation therapy in the center are:

Reuth Rehabilitation Center - get a second opinion from a rehabilitologist

  • Orthopedic (joints replacement, motor functions restore after amputations, fractures and burns).
    Genetic and Neurologic including chronic diseases (strokes, craniocerebral trauma, brain tumors, severe forms of cerebral palsy, oxygen starvation, various congenital syndromes, Spina Bifida, etc.).
  • Respiratory (artificial ventilation, ventilation apparatus removal).
  • Postoperative (recovery of patients after various surgical operations).
  • Geriatric (improving the life quality of the elderly patients).

Since the rehabilitation program at the Reuth clinic includes not only physical rehabilitation, but also neuropsychological procedures, the rehabilitation process itself is quite lengthy. The goal of all rehabilitation procedures (physio-, labor, speech therapy, etc.) is to improve the quality of of patients’ life. It maximizes the recovery of their speech, swallowing and respiratory, as well as motor and cognitive functions (brain activity). Thus, patients gain a certain independence, ideally – the opportunity to do without any help from outside.

In addition, in many cases, rehabilitation abroad involves hospitalization. Reuth offers 2 options – hospitalization and outpatient clinics. In second variant, if the patient’s condition allows to stay at the hotel at sea, he can visit the center for the procedures themselves.  Our individual rehabilitation program  is built in accordance with the wishes of the patient.

The rehabilitation center in Israel accepts not only elderly patients, but also children and adults of able-bodied age. If you you or your beloved ones need a rehabilitation specialist, you can find it in a high-quality medical institution Reuth. Patients can also get rehabilitation after a stroke, as well as the treatment of chronic pain syndrome (CRPS), restoration of sexual function, etc.


The staff of Reuth Medical Rehabilitation Center

Reuth Rehabilitation Center - a medical staff and doctors

  • Physicians rehabilitologists and doctors of narrow specialties.
  • Medical Rehabilitation Nurses.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Occupational therapists (occupational therapy specialists or ergotherapists)
  • Speech therapists (something in between speech therapists and neuropsychologists, communication specialists).
  • Rehabilitation psychologists.

The advantages of rehabilitation in Reuth for patients from abroad

Every year hundreds of foreign patients come to the center of Reuth for rehabilitation in Israel. One of the most important developments of Israeli rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach – the joint work of a of narrow specialists group on the restoration of a person as a whole. An individual rehabilitation program that is adjusted in accordance with the patient’s condition change is also an important factor in the success of Reuth’s rehabilitation process.

Patients considering the option of rehabilitation abroad, in particular, the recovery in Israel, should know that, understanding the differences of foreign patients from the Israelis, Reuth’s management takes maximum into account their needs when developing a rehabilitation program:

For the patient from abroad, Reuth compiles the most diverse program implemented as quickly as possible, including many additional procedures.
Representatives of the Center promptly help in organizing all additional medical and administrative procedures outside the Center.

In Reuth there is an opportunity for restorative treatment in outpatient settings, combining active rehabilitation with spa rest, etc.

The most qualified doctors in Israel

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