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WIRELESS insulin pump



OmniPod wireless insulin pump facilitates daily control of diabetes. Due to improved control a patient stops thinking constantly about the level of sugar which has a beneficial effect on his health.

Omnipod without words


galka POD is small, light and unobtrusive.

galka Without catheter a wireless system of insulin administration does not limit your movement as when using traditional pumps

galka No bulky devices that cause inconvenience

galka Consists of only two parts, very easy to use : small Served ( consumable disposable container ) , and “smart” controller.

galka Easy to learn and use




Consumable Disposable reservoir

galka Small, lightweight, unobtrusive, almost tangible
galka Wireless cannula is inserted securely into the injection site
galka Accurate and easily controlled insulin delivery
galka POD includes: a mechanism for automatic insertion of the cannula, and a container with pump insulin
galka Automatic insertion of the cannula at the touch of a button, the needle did not visible
galkaPOD is waterproof, so no need to disconnect it for showering or swimming
galka To be worn under clothing without any clips and clamps


PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager)

Control panel

Wireless remote control with a program of personal control diabetes

You can carry it in your pocket, purse, briefcase

Remote PDM steps explains every action – from the automatic expulsion of air bubbles and to calculate the blood glucose bolus for food

Processes the data and presents them in a simple and understandable reports

Catalogue 1000 the most common types of products

Human life with diabetes often fraught with anxiety, which in most cases can be avoided by means of continuous monitoring , which gives confidence and allows you to successfully compensate for blood glucose levels .




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Free Style Navigator – continuous sugar monitoring 




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