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How can you get the best medical treatment for your problem?





Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the world after heart disease and cancer.

The best way to get the most effective and less harmful medical treatment is to approach directly the best doctor in the type of sickness you face.


Whether it is an oncologist, a surgeon, or another kind of specialist you seek, be sure that you are consulting with experts who spend the majority of their professional lives focused on your sickness. For example, this is not just a brain surgeon, but someone who is an expert at removing the tumor from the base of the skull, if that is where yours is located.


ResultMed focuses its effort to find the best doctors in each narrow field of medicine.


We selected these specialists by looking at few of the following characteristics:

  1. • Doctor’s current position and employment location. It is clear that a Head of the biggest country Melanoma Center is preferable than a regular oncological experts if your problem is melanoma.
  2. • Doctor experience in the narrow field of medicine – number of years.
  3. • Where he gained his University diploma and in which hospital and under which expert he got his expertise.
  4. • How many articles focused in the field of expertise the doctor published? Did he publish a book about his field of expertise? Is he included in International panels for his specialty?
  5. • Does this specialist participate in the latest research and can include you in a new study when there are no other solutions for your problem.
  6. • Is the doctor in connection with any International Medical Alliance of his expertise.
  7. • References of other experts.
  8. • References of Israeli patients.
  9. • Public opinion.


ResultMed has passed this long way of the selection and choosing the BEST DOCTORS OF ISRAEL in every field

Why Israel? – Israeli level of medical expertise is among the first top five in the world.


Our cooperation level with the medical experts gives us urgent access for consultation and further treatments coordination. In addition we do work with the best private and public hospitals and can coordinate access to their facilities (Testing ,Radiology or Surgery) in a very fast way.



Personalized medicine (targeted therapy) has long been the priority of our leading doctors when choosing treatment methods.


Our foreign patients receive treatment according to personalized protocols.


Many of our specialists use a holistic approach in treating patients. This means that they do not cure the disease, but the person as a whole. And along with conservative methods, treatment methods that take into account the general and psychological condition of the patient are also applied.



When second opinion is needed?

Call-Center for an appointment at leading doctors of Israel
Should you like to get an opinion of a leading highly specialized Israeli doctor / surgeon on whether you are receiving the right treatment in your country or if there is more advanced treatment, including personalized and targeted therapy, please contact us. We will promptly coordinate an appointment and / or treatment in Israel. 
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ResultMed provides medical treatment coordination services for international patients.

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