Best Urologists of Israel in 2024

The best urologist of Israel in 2024

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We can arrange a consultation online or provide a second opinion from one of the top urologists in Israel, as recognized by international publication Forbes for several years. These specialists have expertise in various urological issues. 

You can choose an experienced urologist from the list below. Identify your specific problem and select the doctor that best suits your needs.

We will provide you with the consultation details and promptly organize an appointment with the Israeli doctor, as well as coordinate treatment in Israel under their supervision.

Best Israeli Urologists in 2024

Urologic Oncology in Israel

Best Urologists of Israel in 2024Dr. Rosenzweig Barak – Urologist

Position: Director of Urological Oncology Service, Sheba Medical Center

Specialty: Cystoscopy, bladder tumor removal, robot-assisted benign prostatectomy, hydrocele excision, robotic partial nephrectomy, total (radical) laparoscopic / robotic nephrectomy.

Best Urologists of Israel in 2024

Prof. Margel David – Urologic Surgeon

Position: Senior urologist in the Urology Department in Belinson. Head of the Men’s Health Center, Raphael Hospital

Specialty: prostate ca early detection, Fusion biopsies, HIFU, CRYOTHERAPY, NANO KNIFE.  

Functional Urology Doctors in Israel

Best Urologists of Israel in 2024Dr. Tsivian Alexander – Urologic Surgeon

Position: Head of the laparoscopic and reconstructive urology service, Wolfson MC 

Specialty: Sexual function. TURP, urinary tract surgery, bladder lifting, pyeloplasty.

Best Urologists of Israel in 2024

Prof. Alexander Greenstein – Urologic Surgeon

Position: Senior Urologist, Rambam Medical Center. 

Specialty: Stones in the urinary tract, urination disorders, urinary infections, sexual function.

Urology Gynecology Specialists in Israel

Best Urologists of Israel in 2024

Prof. David  Gordon – Uro-Gynecologist 

Position: Senior Physician at the Urogynecology Unit, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center – Ichilov

Specialty: Uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence problem, urodynamic evaluation, advanced treatments for irritable bladder syndrome

Best Urologists of Israel in 2024Dr. Bitman Genady – Uro-Gynecologist 

Position: Senior Physician, Gynecology Department, Sheba Medical Center

Specialty: Pelvic floor, urinary leakage, uterine x-rays, minimally invasive treatment, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, treatment of septal and fibroid polyps, separation of adhesions, hysterectomy, treatment of fallopian tubes and fistula repairs.

Best Urologists of Israel in 2024Prof. Chen Juza – Urologist

Position: Director of the Sexual function clinic, urology department at the Ichilov Hospital.

Specialty: reconstructive surgeries of the penis, Peyronie’s disease, male fertility includes microsurgery, general urology

Children Urologist

Best Urologists of Israel in 2024

Prof. Mor Yoram – Children Urologist

Position: Director of the pediatric urology unit Edmond and Lily Safra for children, Sheba Medical Center

Specialty: Pediatric Urology

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Please provide for the consultation a detailed medical history, CT/MRI/cystoscopy/ultrasound images, and doctor’s reports.

If you do not have the results of the necessary diagnostics, the doctor will tell you what is needed, so and you can complete the required tests either in your country or in Israel.

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