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Dr. Odelia Gur, MD



Odelia Gur
Head of day hospital and general out-patient clinics, Hematology Department, Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)


Dr. Odelia Gur is a worldwide known expert who has an extensive experience managing patients with hematological diseases and provides constant supervision in day hospital, Hematology Department, in one of the biggest hospitals in Israel.


Specialization and clinical practice:
• Myelodysplastic syndrome
• Bone marrow transplantation
• Hodgkin’s lymphoma, non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma, diagnosis and treatment
• Plasmapheresis
• Leukemia and blood hypercoagulation
• Stem cell apheresis
• Innovative stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplantation of autologous and allogeneic donors in combination with chemotherapy drugs newest generation as well as radiation and surgery.
• Cervical cancer
• Pediatrics
• Physiology
Dr. Odelia Gur is known with her successful treatment practice due to an individual approach based on etiology, pathogenesis, histology, risk factors and possible side effects.



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