Dr. Tamir Pritsch

Dr. Tamir Pritsch - Leading Orthopedist – Hand Surgeon in Israel

Leading Orthopedist – Hand Surgeon

Position: Head of the Hand Microsurgery Department

Hospital: Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)

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Hand surgery, microsurgery is specializing in medical cases as follows:


  • Upper limb problems in children
  • Upper limb injuries treatment in children including fractures, injuries to tendons, nerves and blood vessels
  • Congenital defects and developmental problems of the hand
  • Treatment of the upper limbs of children with Cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular problems
  • Treatment of Multiple exostosis and deformities of various types in the upper limb.


  • Treatment of fractures in the hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow
  • Repair and recovery of tendon injuries
  • Treatment of injuries to blood vessels and nerves in the upper limb
  • Fingers and hands transplantations in cases of amputation
  • Treatment of missing connection of the bones of the upper limb
  • Repair and reconstruction of nerves in hands
  • Complex bone and soft tissue reconstructions including the use of free hangers
  • Sports injuries of the upper limb treatment
  • Treatment of ligament injuries of the hand, and wrist
  • Arthroscopic and open surgeries
  • Upper extremity infections
  • Inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the upper limb
  • Treatment of cartilage erosion problems in the hand, wrist and elbow
  • Dupuytren’s disease treatment
  • Treatment of tendon diseases including De-Quervain
  • Trigger finger
  • Impact syndrome, Keinbock, TFCC
  • Release of nerves in the upper limb such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Tendon transfers
  • Treatment of upper limb problems in: patients with head injuries, patients after a stroke, and patients with paralysis due to injuries to the cervical spine (tetraplegia)
  • Tumors in the upper limb
  • Excision of benign tumors in the upper limbs including ganglion, lipoma, schwannoma and others
  • Reconstructive Surgery after resection of tumors in the upper limbs

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  • Certified by ACGME – hand surgery. Orthopedic Department, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. USA.
  • Certified by ACGME – hand surgery and microsurgery. Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Texas, Dallas, Texas. USA.
  • Pediatric surgery of the hand and upper limbs. Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Dallas, Texas. USA.
  • Research – Orthopedic Oncology Program. Washington Hospital Center, Washington DC. (Affiliated by Georgetown University and George Washington University), USA.
  • Orthopedic Surgery Program (graduated with honors). Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv University, Sackler Faculty, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Physician (MD), Tel Aviv University, Sackler Faculty, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences (B.Med.Sc.), graduated with honors, Tel Aviv University, Sackler Faculty, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Courses and special training 

  • Advanced microsurgical techniques. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. USA.
  • Expanded anatomy of the hand and wrist. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. USA.
  • Reconstructive surgery of microvessels. Mayo Clinic. Rochester, Minnesota. USA. University of Texas. Dallas, Texas. USA.
  • Arthroscopy of the hand and wrist fracture. Dallas, Texas. USA.
  • Artrex hand surgery, arthroscopy. Naples, Florida. USA.
  • Advanced wrist and thumb arthroscopy techniques. Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Achievements and awards of Dr. Pritsch

  • 2009 – Sourasky Medical Center Fellow.
  • 2008 – Oral National Examination in Orthopedics. Graduation with honors.
  • 2007 – Written National Examination in Orthopedics. Graduation with honors.
  • 2005 – 2006 Participated in NIH Research in Orthopedic Oncology at the Cancer Institute in Washington DC. USA.

Scientific publications

Dr. Tamir Pritsch is an author of 30 papers in scientific journals, 5 book chapters, 21 presentations at international conferences.

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