Oncotest Teva – Guardant360 Liquid Biopsy – mutations test for all cancer types by blood analysis

Liquid Biopsy Oncotest Teva - Guardant 360 in Israel

Guardant360 оncotest Liquid Biopsy is a method that helps to detect cancer cells in a patient’s blood and to determine all possible drugs for targeted (precision) treatment and it is widely used by our oncologists in Israel.


Who is Guardant360 Liquid Biopsy for?


The target group of the Guardant360 test is patients who want to know which biological treatments are suitable for treating their disease. With the help of a liquid biopsy you can find out which modern drugs are most effective for such diseases as:


  • Cervical cancer.
  • Ovarian cancer.
  • Mammary cancer.
  • Thyroid cancer.
  • Non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC).
  • Colorectal cancer.
  • Prostate cancer and all other types of cancer.


This list is constantly expanding as a result of new research and confirmed clinical results.



When Liquid Biopsy test may be done


Genomic transparency is achieved through the verification of 73 genes using the “liquid” biopsy test and is used in situations as follows:


  • 1. When invasive biopsy is impossible and tumor tissue is sent for genomic analysis.
  • 2. When it is necessary to determine the direction of treatment for targeted therapy if cancer tumor is drug-resistant.
  • 3. When there is a need for controlling the tumor growth and dynamics in real time.


Advantages of a Liquid Biopsy Oncotest Teva



Using the Guardant360 Liquid Biopsy test for blood analysis cancer mutations are detected without the need for a biopsy of the tumor itself.


The Guardant360 test is adopted for patients with metastatic cancer, which continues to progress during treatment, or when getting a biopsy is not possible or there is not enough material to take a tissue sample.


The functions of 70 genes has been fully studied and, therefore, it also reveals rare mutations that cause tumor growth and its resistance to treatment.


Liquid biopsy allows you to select precisely the most targeted and appropriate treatment at each stage of advanced disease, without the risk of repeating invasive procedures.


Who developed the Guardant360 liquid biopsy test?


An innovative oncotest developed by the Israeli company Oncotest Teva, and is currently being used by leading oncologists in the United States and Israel.


The Guardant360 test is a new, effective and safe analysis for the cancer treatment at patients with solid visceral tumors or metastases that are resistant to chemotherapy or another drug therapy. It is performed using the technology of “liquid” biopsy (identification and mapping of DNA segments) based on a patient’s blood sample. This test allows you to choose targeted (personalized) treatment for various mutations without the need for re-invasive biopsy of the tumor itself.


How is a blood sample taken for Guardant360 test?


  • Blood sampling for the test is carried out by representatives of Teva Israel, who have an exclusive agreement with the american developer Guardant Health and are responsible for taking blood samples.
  • Then the blood is sent for analysis to the Guardant Health laboratory in Redwood City, California, USA.
  • In the laboratory Guardant360 detects all the necessary types of malignant mutations with a single test. This is always relevant when time is critical, unlike other ctDNA technologies.
  • Based on the test results doctors receive a detailed report comprising mapping of genomic changes and a list of personalized treatments. The report demonstrates both FDA-approved innovative and promising therapies, which are still in clinical trials, but may already be included in a patient therapy program.



High sensitivity of the test detects more than 70 onco-genes.


Guardant360 is the only test that completely defines 70 genes and can detect mutations for all four possible types: point mutations, missing and augmented gene segments, gene cloning, and gene fusion. A complete coverage with a high sensitivity of about 0.1% reveals mutations even in 1 molecule out of 10,000. This gives an accurate genomic profile for the tumor at all stages of treatment. Liquid Biopsy allows you to find rare mutations even if other ctDNA tests can skip them.


Using the Guardant360 test by leading oncologists of Israel and the world


Prof. Nir Peled, Director of the Center for Personalized Medicine and Head at the Davidoff Cancer Center, Beilinson Hospital, Medical Center Rabin, told about Liquid Biopsy test:



Doctors often experience  a cancer progression and its resistance to treatment. Guardant360 test helps to monitor treatment and identify acquired resistance at an early stage in real time.


In parallel with the development of the test in Israel, Oncotest Teva also works with Israeli oncologists. They provide document evidence of the clinical and economic benefits of Guardant360 for patients, doctors and the Israeli healthcare system.


Guardant360 is the world’s first liquid biopsy approved by CLIA. The test confirmed its effectiveness during an extensive clinical examination in the world’s leading cancer centers, and the research results were published in the well-known medical journals such as NATURE GENETICS, JAMA, ASCO and others.


About Oncotest – Teva Israel


Oncotest Teva is a pioneer in personalized medicine in Israel. Over the past two decades, Oncotest Teva has paid particular attention to the development and implementation of innovative approaches including:


  • diagnosis of malignant diseases;
  • predicting disease progression;
  • creating a unique genetic profile of a patient’s tumor by its mutations;
  • selection of more accurate and effective treatment.


Since 1998, Oncotest Teva has been actively working with leading global laboratories and has achieved outstanding success in identifying mutations that lead to the emergence of genetic / familial syndromes. These medical technologies optimizes and reduces the treatment cost for patients thanks to an accurate diagnosis and selection of the most effective drugs.


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