Triple Test Paradigm – precision cancer treatment

Triple Test Paradigm - precision cancer treatment


Below you will find the information about the triple genome test Paradigm:


1. What is the triple test Paradigm?
2. How can Paradigm test help you?
3. Do test results allow you to determine new cancer treatment options?
4. Are the innovative methods of cancer treatment included in the test?
5. What are the chances that a personalized medicine will be found for you?
6. How many drugs will be tested during the test?
7. Will immunotherapy drugs be used to treat cancer?
8. What is the validity of the test?
9. What is the accuracy of the Paradigm test?
10. What genomic changes are tested by the Paradigm test?
11. Where is the test performed?
12. What is the sample size required for the Paradigm test?
13. When will the results of the test be ready?



1. What is the triple test Paradigm?


Triple test Paradigm is a complex test that involves genomic and molecular diagnosis of cancer using three separate tests:


1. Deep genetic sequencing to detect mutations in DNA.

2. Detection of genomic expression in RNA.

3. Characteristics of tumor proteins.


These three tests are performed in order to predict the reaction of a particular person and his tumor to targeted chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biological drugs. Three tests together perfectly make a tumor map of a specific patient and predict all the treatment options that are most effective for this person.


Thus, doctors can determine the strategy for precision cancer treatment for each patient.



2. How can the Paradigm test help you?


The purpose of the test is to find the most effective treatment for your tumor in the shortest possible time. Studies have shown that personalized cancer treatment leads to better results than unlimited (standard) therapy. In an independent study, it was found that the results of treatment of patients with metastatic cancer receiving individual drugs, based on the triple test, were 8 times more successful than the results of treatment of patients receiving standard treatment.



3. Do test results allow new treatment options?


The triple test focuses on the therapeutic value genes. These are genes and biological pathways for which there are drugs approved by the FDA or drugs to treat cancer that are still undergoing clinical trials. The test also provides information on the treatment to which the tumor is resistant, which avoids unnecessary side effects and saves valuable treatment time. Since the test is focused on proven effective cancer treatments, on the one hand, and on the other hand, analyzes all types of cancer drugs, in the end, the doctor and patient receive a very practical report that allows them to discover new treatment options that may not have been taken into account in the original cancer treatment strategy.



4. Are the innovative methods included in the test?


Each of the three test items is regularly updated, according to the latest research. The laboratory, including pathologists, researchers and oncologists, constantly monitor new scientific publications, which guarantee the conduct of tests taking into account all relevant clinical information at any one time.




5. What are the chances that a precision medicine will be found for you?


When choosing a genomic test to adjust drugs, there are a number of important parameters. The most important parameter, called the special language – actionability (search power). This parameter determines the probability that at the end of the process effective personalized medicines will be found for you, which will lead to significant results in cancer treatment. In a study comparing various genomic tests, it was found that the triple test has an actionability of 67%. This is 20% more than standard tests. In addition, it was found that the triple Paradigm test is 3 times more effective in finding the drugs available for purchase by the patient. That is, these drugs can be bought freely in Israel.



6. How many drugs will be tested during the test?


In the triple test, all types of drugs for cancer treatment are studied. Chemotherapeutic drugs, targeted biological products of immunotherapy (for example, Keytruda). In addition, new pharmaceutical preparations will be tested, which are still at the research stage. In total, 280 different drugs are being studied, of which the most effective ones for your tumor will be selected.



7. Will immunotherapy medications be tested?


Yes. The triple test includes a PDL-1 test, as well as an MSI for immunotherapy.
Immunotherapy is a promising new generation of drugs that allow the immune system to identify and destroy cancer cells. But immunotherapy does not suit all patients. In fact, only 30% of patients can take advantage of taking such a drug as Keytruda. One of the criteria for adjusting and prescribing immunotherapy is the results of MSI and / or PDL-1.



8. What is the validity of the Paradigm test?


The triple test was approved in a clinical study that gave it clinical validation and proved effectiveness in adapting cancer treatment.

The study, published in the journal Oncotarget, was conducted by independent researchers and oncologists, and the results of a study of 168 patients with cancer showed that patients who were treated according to the triple test were 8 times more successful than patients who did not undergo a triple test to adjust the treatment of cancer.




9. How accurate is the Paradigm test?


The accuracy of the tests to correct the treatment is measured by the “depth of scan” of the test. That is, the number of repeated checks of the test results in order to prevent errors. In the Paradigm triple test, the number of repeated checks is more than 5000 (compared to the reading depth of 500-1000 in standard panel tests).




10. What genomic changes are tested by the Paradigm test?


The test examines five genomic changes that provide a complete picture of your needs for personalized cancer treatment. The changes under study are at the level of nucleotides (SNV), insertion of segments into the gene (Insertion), deletion or lack of a segment (Deletion), change in the location of genes (Translocation) and gene replication (Amplification). In addition, the triple test includes two separate tests of genomic markers in RNA and a characteristic of tumor proteins.




11. Where is the test performed?


The test is conducted in the Advanced Paradigm Laboratory, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The laboratory was created with the assistance of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for the development of the International Genome Genomics Consortium (TCGA) and certified by CLIA and CAP (the two most stringent standards) required by the FDA.The laboratory employs world-renowned specialists with many years of experience in oncology.




12. What is the sample size required for the Paradigm test?


Due to the technology used in the triple test, reliable results can also be obtained in even a very small number of samples. In fact, the test success rate exceeds 94% (compared to standard tests with success rates of only 82%) in samples containing only 4% of tumor cells, as well as in samples taken by aspiration (FNA).



13. When will the results of the Paradigm test be ready?


Time is an important resource in the treatment of cancer, especially when it comes to an advanced stage.


The faster the test results are obtained, the faster it will be possible to prevent deterioration and improve the chances of recovery. The results of the triple test are ready within 5 working days from the moment of receipt of the sample to the laboratory. This is half the time required for standard tests.



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