Leading Israeli doctors for brain and spinal cord cancer

Leading neurooncologists on brain cancer in Israel

Below is a list of leading Israeli neuro-oncologists, specialists in the treatment of brain and spinal cord cancer, heads of neuro-oncology departments of leading Israeli clinics and research centers in Israel.

We provide Consultation Online or a Second Opinion of a leading Israeli doctor via Zoom / Skype / Whatsapp / Viber.

Contact us if the diagnosis is not clear or if you have been diagnosed with one of the following:

  • Pilocytic astrocytoma, pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma, fibrillar astrocytoma (diffuse, anaplastic astrocytoma, glioblastoma multiforme)
  • Oligodendroglioma
  • Malignant ependymoma, subependymoma
  • Tumors of the choroid plexus – tumors of the choroid (choroid carcinoma)
  • Oligoastrocytoma, gliomatosis of the brain, gliosarcoma
  • Anaplastic ganglioglioma, dysembryoplastic neuroepital tumor, Lermitte-Duclos disease.
  • Neuroblastoma (esthesioneuroblastoma, ganglioneuroblastoma), medulloblastoma, atypical teratoid rod-shaped tumor
  • Medulloepithelioma
  • Hemangiopericytoma
  • Primary CNS lymphoma (microglioma or primary brain lymphoma)
  • Tumors of the cranial and paraspinal nerves: neurofibroma (neurofibrosarcoma, neurofibromatosis), malignant tumor of the peripheral nerve sheath, malignant schwannoma.
  • Any other problem

You will be consulted and treated by a highly qualified neuro-oncologist who has been specializing in the study, diagnosis and treatment of brain and spinal canal cancer for many years.

Our neurooncologists manage the departments and research of brain and spinal cord cancer, have the most up-to-date information on drugs and methods of treatment in Israel for all types of cancers in children and adults, the most common astrocytomas and neuroblastomas, and all other tumors.

Our doctors apply the latest international protocols for targeted, biological and immunotherapy for brain cancer, which are updated almost every 3-4 months. So our recommendation is to get a second opinion before starting treatment.

In case of the disease progression when standard treatment regimens do not work, there is an option of a molecular genetic test according to the genetic profile of your tumor. Based on this test doctor will find a potentially working personalized protocol for the brain cancer treatment.


Leading neuro-oncologists in Israel:

Dr. Felix BuksteinDr. Felix Bokstein
Neuro-oncologist. Co-director of the Neuro-Oncology Department at the Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).
Treatment of brain and spinal cord tumors.


Prof. Deborah BlumentalProf. Deborah Blumental
Head of the Neuro-Oncology Department, Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).
Specialist in Brain Cancer and Nervous System Cancer.


Leading Israeli doctors for brain and spinal cord cancerDr. Dror Levin –  Head of the pediatric Hemato-Oncology Unit at Sourasky Hospital (Ichilov), Tel Aviv. Coordinator of oncology treatment in bone and soft tissue cancer in children, malignant tumors of the brain and spinal cord in children, treatment of sarcoma. Senior pediatrician at the Pediatric Hospital. Deputy Director of the Hematology Oncology Department at Dana Children’s Hospital.


Leading Israeli doctors for brain and spinal cord cancerProf. Shlomi ConstantiniChildren’s neurosurgeon in the field of brain and spinal cord tumors.

Head of the Department of Neurosurgery and Oncology Center, Dana Hospital, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov).


Prof. Zvi Ram - Specialist in the field of surgery of tumors of the brain and spinal cordProf. Zvi RamSpecialist in the field of surgery of tumors of the brain and spinal cord. Treatment of astrocytoma, neuroblastoma and all other less common tumors.

Head of the Department of Neurosurgery,

Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov)


Contact us to clarify the cost of online consultation and organizational details.

For online consultation, please send your medical reports, pathology results, MRI / CT / PET-CT reports and discs. During the consultation, you will be able to ask the neuro-oncologist all your questions and discuss possible treatment options.

At the end of the consultation we will provide a report including doctor’s recommendations in English. We will keep in touch with you to follow up your treatment according to the Israeli protocols. ⇒ Doctor Report Example

You can also get a second opinion from a leading Israeli radiologist by providing PET CT or CT discs, or verify the diagnosis by sending us biopsy blocks and slides.

We will help you to purchase medicines in Israel and deliver to your country, to your home.

If there is a need of surgery to be done by one of our neurosurgeons, we will promptly coordinate it in one of our best hospitals. We will take care of accommodation, transfer, etc. You will undergo treatment under the supervision of a leading neuro-oncologist in Israel.

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Professor Tali Siegal – Neuro-Oncologist

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