Nasal cavity cancer

Nasal cavity cancer

Cavity and paranasal sinuses cancer is a rare disease. Among the most common benign tumor (adenoma, papilloma, meningioma, craniopharyngioma) or malignant (cancer, sarcoma, neuroblastoma, and chordoma).


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Nasal cancer diagnosis and treatment in Israel

Cancer paranasal region is the most common form of sinuses cancer. Cancer of the nasal cavity is less common as cancer of the frontal sinus. The cancer can spread to other facial structure or even destroy the orbit or cheek. It can also spread to the lymph nodes in the head and neck.


Symptoms: blocking the sinuses, sinusitis, nosebleeds or a wound that does not heal, frequent headaches, pain in the sinuses or upper teeth, vision problems.



Physician diagnosis begins with a tour of the head and neck as well as examine the nose and nasopharynx through the endoscope. For the diagnosis may also be required visual tests – CT, MRI and PET-CT.


If the images reveal suspicious areas will need to take a biopsy for diagnosis. Biopsy tissue is a part that is sent for pathological examination under a microscope. The pathologist gives an opinion on whether the cells are cancerous tissue.



According to the examination results doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment for a given stage of the cancer, its exact location, and overall health. Generally, treatment is performed surgically, sometimes in combination with radiotherapy.


If surgery is not possible, may be used chemotherapy, radiotherapy or both. A team of experts performing the treatment, including surgery, oncology, radiation oncologist, a dentist who specializes in prosthetics, nurses, speech pathologists, a nutritionist.


The goal of surgery is the complete removal of the tumor with a margin of healthy tissue. Given the location of the sinuses, their function and relationship to other structures within the operation can change a person’s appearance, ability to chew and swallow and speak. Therefore, the operation should be to performed by an experienced professionals who will make every effort to remove the tumor while preserving the appearance of the face and its functions.


The complexity of the operation depends on the size of the tumor and its location. The operation can last from 3 to 9 hours.


Tumors are formed in the front part of the skull base and the nasal cavity is a real challenge for physicians. For the treatment of these tumors are used as conservative open surgery, as well as new, endoscopic. Open surgery is effective for the treatment of tumors of this type, but it has several drawbacks: multiday hospitalization, the incidence of complications, accessed through the frontal lobe of the brain, which causes a significant percentage of brain edema and neurological symptoms, as well as cosmetic damage due to skin and cranial sections. Patients who underwent open surgery requiring prolonged hospitalization and long months of rehabilitation to a normal life.


As an alternative to the classical approach in recent years in Israel has developed and extensively used technique of endoscopic resections of small tumors of the skull base and sinuses. During this operation through the nostrils of the patient entered a tiny camera and instruments that allow to perform microsurgery, with the help of navigation and control CT scan in real time. This method creates a three-dimensional visualization of the operative field, which increases the ability of surgeons to navigate the complex anatomical structure of the skull base, including plexus of nerves and blood vessels that feed the brain. This revolutionary method allows to perform excision of tumors of the cervical spine.


The use of endoscopic technique avoids the excision of large areas of the face and skull, which significantly reduces morbidity and prolonged hospital stay. Studies show a significant improvement in quality of life after endoscopic surgery, compared to the standard open. Furthermore, the complication rate is much lower.


If during the operation must be removed part of the upper gums, oral and maxillofacial surgeon examines the patient before surgery, to take measurements and prepare dental prostheses or dental implants. They are installed during surgery.


To restore the appearance and function of the person may need plastic surgery and reconstruction. After removal of the tumor surgeon, plastic surgeons team constructs bone and skin tissues from other organs.


Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is the impact of high energy X-rays or high energy particles to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy may take 3 to 4 weeks after surgery to kill cancer cells that may remain.

Before radiotherapy need to pass 3D modeling (CT-simulation) in order to clearly define the boundaries of the zone of influence in order to avoid damage to healthy tissue. Therapy may take five days a week for six to eight weeks.



Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat cancer. In contrast to radiotherapy or surgery, systemic treatment is aimed at all the body. The goal of chemotherapy is to attack the majority of cancer cells with minimal side effects for the patient.



After installing prostheses or implants during surgery, recovery and appearance, as well as the ability to chew, swallow and speak needs rehabilitation at the special center.

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