Leading Israeli doctors for thyroid, head and neck cancer

The leading doctors in thyroid cancer in Israel

Here you can see the information about leading Israeli oncologists, heads of departments and research medical centers for the treatment of thyroid cancer, carcinoma, adenocarcinoma of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, as well as head and neck cancer in Israel.

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You will be consulted and treated by a leading Israeli oncologist who has specialized in the study, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer for many years. Our doctors are also leaders in research and development of new methods and drugs for thyroid cancer immunotherapy, biological and targeted therapy.

With the development of medicine in Israel and abroad, as well as research and the new drugs release, treatment guidelines are being improved and updated more and more often, so we recommend getting a second opinion from a leading doctor before starting treatment. Our doctors have all the latest information regarding the treatment of thyroid cancer and head and neck cancers.

For consultation, our doctors need all medical documents, reports, diagnostic results, CT / PET-CT discs.

Leading oncologists for thyroid cancer, head and neck cancer in Israel:


Leading Israeli doctors for thyroid, head and neck cancer
Prof. Rahamim Ben Yosef – Oncologist. Head of the Department of Radiotherapy, Cancer Center, Rambam Clinic, Israel. Leading specialist in the field of clinical oncology and radiotherapy of the head and neck organs, as well as the treatment of thyroid and parathyroid cancer, Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv.


Leading Israeli doctors for thyroid, head and neck cancer Dr. Avi Hefetz Surgeon. Leading specialist in the treatment of thyroid cancer in Israel. Head of the Head and Neck Surgery Department Assuta Medical Center.


Leading Israeli doctors for thyroid, head and neck cancer
Prof. Dan Fliss – Surgeon. Head of ENT Department of, Ichilov Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel. Senior physician of the department of oncology and surgery of the head, neck, base of the skull, Assuta Hospital.


Best Head and Neck Surgeons – thyroid gland, cancer tumors of the respiratory tract and swallowing


Dr. Alon Eran - melanoma treatment of the head and neck in Israel
Dr. Alon Eran – Head of Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer. Specialist in treatment of thyroid and hyperthyroid tumors, salivary gland tumors, tumors in the oral cavity includes tumors in the tongue, upper and lower jaw, melanoma treatment of the head and neck includes a sentinel lymph node biopsy, reconstructive plastics of the head and neck and microsurgical operations, robotic surgeries for tumors in the pharyngeal cavity, treatment of obstructive sleep disorders, lumps in the neck in children and adults.


Dr. Elkan Uri - best head and neck surgeon in Israel
Dr. Elkan Uri – Specialist in Head and Neck Surgery, Beilinson Hospital. Snoring and sleep apnea surgeries, sleep problems, endoscopic examination while asleep.


Best doctors for salivary glands surgery


Dr. Avishai Gal - best doctor for salivary glands surgeryDr. Avishai Gal – Senior physician in the Department for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Director of the Outpatient clinics. Responsible for the field of Salivary Glands Surgery, Beilinson hospital.


Dr. Alterman Michael - best doctor for salivary glands surgery
Dr. Alterman Michael – Senior physician in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center. Specialist in salivary gland surgeries, all types of complex teeth extractions (including trapped wisdom teeth), dental implants, orthodontic surgical treatments (exposing trapped teeth and installing orthodontic implants), bone grafts, including advanced techniques and materials, biopsies from the jaws and the soft tissues of the oral cavity.


Prof. Nahliali Oded - best doctor for salivary glands surgery
Prof. Nahliali Oded – Director of the Unit for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Endoscopy of the Mouth, Face and Jaws. Endoscopy and treatment of diseases of the salivary glands, Galilee Medical Center. Practice at the Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv. Specialist in inflammations and infections in the salivary glands, stones in the salivary glands, repair and reconstruction of the nerves of the tongue and lip, minimal treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis by a dedicated dental implant.


Prof. Chaushu Gabriel - best doctor for salivary glands surgery
Prof. Chaushu Gabriel – Director of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, Beilinson Hospital. Specialist in bone grafts, gum treatments, root canal treatments, aesthetics, prosthodontics, dental implants.

Best ENT doctors for children 2022


Dr. Shapira-Galitz Yael - Best ENT doctors for children 2022 in Israel
Dr. Shapira-Galitz Yael – ENT doctor, Pediatrician, Kaplan Medical Center. Specialist in breathing problems, voice, swallowing, throat problems, cough, dry cough, Corona cough, tracheostomy, shortness of breath, vocal cords, hoarseness, stroboscopy, vocal cord paralysis, smoking damage, loss of voice, swallowing test, heartburn, reflux, aspiration, FEES test, throat cancer, sore throat.


Prof. Derowe Ari - Best ENT doctors for children 2022 in Israel
Prof. Derowe Ari – Director of the Children’s Hospital Unit, Dana Duek for Children, Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov). Specialist in endoscopic surgeries of upper airways including nose and sinuses and vocal cords, surgeries for children suffering from congenital and acquired stenosis, sleep apnea in children, tonsil surgeries – including android surgeries (third tonsil), surgeries to treat ear infections in children, buttons surgery, ear surgeries for chronic infections, surgical treatments for deafness, including a cochlear implant, surgeries of tumors and cysts of the head and neck in children.

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During the consultation, the doctor will answer your questions, give a second opinion and treatment recommendations in your case. At the end of the consultation, you will receive a doctor’s report translated in English.

You can also purchase medicines in Israel with delivery to your home country.

Our doctors treat thyroid cancer at all stages. In case of thyroid cancer spread our specialists can consider a personalized medicine on the basis of molecular genetic tests for the treatment of medullary thyroid cancer, papillary thyroid cancer, adenocarcinoma of the thyroid gland, etc.

List of molecular oncotests in Israel

Oncotests for thyroid cancer

You can get a second opinion of an experienced radiologist by sending us CT / PET-CT discs. Doctor will issue a report in English. The same applies to verifying the diagnosis. You can get a second opinion from an Israeli pathologist about your diagnosis by sending us biopsy blocks and slides.

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