Drug-resistant lung cancer – Israeli perspective

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A new formula for the drug against lung cancer, which was created in Israel, shows promising results with an resistance to kinase inhibitors.


Researchers are fighting over a new problem. Despite the achievements and effectiveness of new generation drugs for the treatment of lung cancer, usually within a year, come a resistance to drug treatment.


The study carried out at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel allowed to find a new combination based on existing drugs in immunotherapy without resistance formation.


The journal Clinical Cancer Research has recently published findings on the relevance of these studies.


The work was carried out with a type of lung cancer having the EGFR mutation and causing 12 percent of all cases of lung cancer incidence.


It is known that kinase inhibitors block the gene mechanism of the cancer cells division with the mutation of EGFR and show high results in comparison with standard treatment protocols, for example, chemotherapy which has disadvantages – side effects. But this case, the therapy by kinase inhibitors can not be performed for more than 10-14 months due to the mutation of EGFR genes, and the appearance of new tumors.


Despite the development of new drugs that block the second mutation of EGFR genes ( ex. drug Tagrisso ), about a year later the following mutation appears, which causes a new disease relapse in the patient.



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This study is another step, in an endless series of discoveries related to the study of cancer tumor genes. A selective, personalized approach to each patient, from the definition of a cancer mutation to testing the effectiveness of a particular drug or drugs combination on the cancer type, allows Israel to be the leader in Europe for personalized treatment.



“This is very sad news for patients, their families and doctors. But the new approach is already working on the laboratory cell samples, and after researching in humans, the situation can change significantly.” said Professor Yosef Yarden from the Weizmann Department of Biological Regulation.


A joint search for a solution between medical personnel from the Haim-Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer and a group of Israeli scientists Yosef Yarden has led to the creation of a triple combination drug that combines the Tagrisso action, and also blocks the genes EGFR and HER2. This drug was tested on a control samples of  human lung cancer cells. During the therapy, the tumors were significantly reduced, and remission occurred.


“After the next human research cycle, we will be able to overcome the barrier of resistance of cancer cells to kinase inhibitors and prolong the life of many thousands of patients with lung cancer,” said Professor Yarden at the Weizmann Institute.


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