Vocal cords cancer

Vocal cords cancer

Cancer of the vocal cords formed from epithelial cells lining the vocal cords. The area in which the vocal cords are located is called the larynx.

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Diagnosis and treatment of vocal cords cancer

Vocal cancer plays an important role in sound reproduction and protection from entering the food into the trachea.


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Risk factors

The most significant risk factor for cancer of the vocal cords is smoking. Other risk factors include excessive alcohol drinking, poor nutrition, genetic diseases, which increases the probability of tumors (eg, Fanconi anemia), professional exposure to dust, wood chips and carcinogens. Older men are more prone to disease than women. At risk are also patients suffering from chronic heartburn.


Symptoms of cancer of the vocal cords: hoarseness or voice changes, earaches, a lump in the neck, sore throat, pain or difficulty swallowing, cough and abnormal breathing sounds when a creaking.



Doctors who treat cancer of the vocal cords are ENT specialists. They usually diagnose tumors.
Diagnosis is based on the patient’s complaints, examination by a doctor, as well as on the basis of various types of imaging and biopsy.
As part of the examination can be applied stroboscopy during which the doctor inserts a thin tube with an optical camera on the end through the patient’s nose and reaches the throat and vocal cords. This allows the specialist to see with maximum clarity condition of the vocal cords and throat of the patient.
Within the diagnosis it is critical to estimate tumor size, location, type and stage. Another important aspect is to determine the presence and extention of tumor spread to regional lymph nodes and detection of metastases. This information is usually obtained by visual diagnostics that may include MRI or CT.


Treatment of vocal cords cancer

Cancer treatment includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical treatment. When tumor progression and in accordance with the decision of the patient is determined which combination of treatments suited to the patient.
Swelling of small size may be removed without damage to the vocal chords. Wide spread of tumors can result in partial or complete removal of the vocal cords.
In such situations around the patient combined team of specialists from different areas of medicine – ENT physician, surgeon, oncologist, nutritionist, speech therapist, therapist.



Successful treatment of vocal cord cancer depends on the stage at which the tumor was detected. Disease discovered at a late stage, making it impossible to completely remove the tumor, the patient may be advised by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. In addition overall condition is also an important factor.


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