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Prof. Dov Freimark



Prof. Dov Freimark - the leading cardiologist in Israel


Head of the Heart Failure Institute, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Leading specialist in the field of cardiology. Specialty – heart disease associated with heart failure and cardiovascular system cancer.



  • ♦ Heart disease management
    ♦ Pre- and post-infarction conditions
    ♦ Congestive Heart Failure
    ♦ Heart valve disease
    ♦ Heart Cancer


Prof. Freimark specializes in complex heart diseases and decides on a heart transplant in Israel.



  • ♦ Faculty of Medicine with honors – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
    ♦ Residency in heart failure and transplantation – CEDARS SINAI Hospital, Los Angeles, USA.
    ♦ Cardiology Department – Tel Aviv University School of Medicine.

Academic Experience and Teaching

Associate Professor, Cardiology Department , Tel Aviv University School of Medicine.

Clinical experience – more than 30 years

Professor Freimark has extensive experience in the field of heart failure, due to various reasons, and he also evaluates and treats patients who require heart transplantation.


Since 1999, Professor Freimark heads the service for the treatment of heart failure in the Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.

In 2014 Heart Failure Service under the guidance of prof. Freimark at Sheba Medical Center received the status of the Heart Failure Institute.

Nowadays the Heart Failure Institute at Sheba Medical Center includes an outpatient clinic, a day care unit and a hospital ward.

Research and scientific activities:

Prof. Dov Freimark collaborates and consults with cardiologists in all areas of his field, as well as with leading cardiac surgeons in Israel and around the world. He is also a participant in international conferences on heart diseases. Prof. Freimark publishes in scientific medical journals, such as – The American journal of cardiology, Clinical cardiology, etc.

Participation in professional organizations

  • ♦ Israeli Society of Cardiology.
    ♦ Israeli Association of Cardiology.
    ♦ European Union of Cardiology.
    ♦ World Heart Transplant Association.
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