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Dr. Eran Maman     



Head of shoulder surgery unit, Orthopaedics department, Surasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv (Ichilov).


Orthopedic surgeon, specialist in shoulder treatment and sports injuries.



• Shoulder arthroscopy

• Shoulder replacement surgery

• Balloon arthroscopy

• Clavicle fracture
• Shoulder fracture

• Shoulder Arthromyoplasty

• Bankart Surgery

• Rotatory Cuff Repair

• Shoulder Cartilage Repair

• Distal Clavicle Excision


♦ Graduate from the Faculty of Medicine, University named after Ben-Gurion.

♦ Graduate from the faculty of advanced training in orthopedics, Tel Aviv University.

♦ Clinical residency in elbow joint, shoulder joint surgery, sports medicine, Shoulder Surgery Orthopedic & Arthritic, University of Toronto, Canada.

♦ Subspecialty in Shoulder Surgery at Mount Sinai Toronto, Canada.


Clinical experience:

◊ Specialty in orthopedic surgery, Medical Center named after Souraski, Tel Aviv.

◊ Clinical residency in the surgical treatment of elbow and shoulder joints, sports injury, Medical Center, University of Toronto.

◊ Dr Maman successfully combines clinical and teaching work, occupying the post of lecturer at Tel Aviv University. Author of numerous publications in leading scientific journals of orthopedics and surgery.

◊ Dr. Eran Maman is one of the developers of a unique method of joints treatment in “Cylinder INSPACE”, more than 100 surgeries performed.


Academic experience: 
2015-2017 – Chairman of the Israeli Shoulder Society
2013-2015 – Secretary of the Israeli Shoulder Society

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