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Biomarkers are the measured molecules, which indicate the health state of a patient.


High level of PSA biomarker can point to the occurrence of prostate cancer. Israeli oncologists use molecular testing for prostate cancer to determine the growth rate of the tumor and to assess the treatment results. In particular, it is used for evaluating the progression of local prostate cancer.



In men who have low or medium risk of prostate cancer progression, molecular genomic testing can tell doctor how the cancer will behave in the future. Today, Israeli oncologists use the following molecular tests:


  • Decipher
  • Oncotype DX Prostate
  • Prolaris Prostate



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Molecular testing is performed on prostate tissue, which is taken using a biopsy for diagnosis. Molecular prostate tests complement standard lab tests and diagnostics, including:


  • PSA level
  • Gleason score
  • Cancer stage
  • Ultrasound and CT diagnostic images.


Numerous studies carried out continuously with molecular genomic testing and their results are evaluated over time. This helps to increase their accuracy, as well as to explore new tumor biomarkers and to assess their prognostic properties for the cancer progression.


Decipher Prostate

This oncotest is intended for patients with a low or very low risk factor of prostate cancer in accordance with NCCN guide. It is about those who have not yet received treatment for prostate cancer, and the doctor has to choose either an active monitoring or starting a treatment. Prostate Decipher testing is also used when a patient has signs on the classification of TNM as follows:


  • pT2 with positive fields;
  • malignant tumor with pT3;
  • PSA level above normal.


ProMark Prostate testing

It is used as a prostate cancer testing in patients with a low risk factor in accordance with NCCN. ProMark Prostate testing allows the doctor to understand how cancer can develop after a diagnosis. Thanks to prognostic biomarkers, the oncologist make an informed decision regarding the appointment either of active screening or various types of treatment.


Prolaris Prostate testing

This is recommended by NCCN for patients with very low, low risk and favorable intermediate risk of prostate cancer. These are patients who have not received treatment for prostate cancer and they are candidates for active monitoring or therapy.


Oncotype DX Prostate

A biopsy of prostate tissue is taken in paraffin during genomic analysis. Thanks to the detection of prognostic biomarkers, the Oncotype DX Prostate testing helps the doctor to understand how prostate cancer will develop for a long time, and in time to move from active screening to the selection of the right treatment – prostatectomy or radiation therapy. This group of patients already have a diagnosis of prostate cancer at an early stage and have undergone a biopsy with a Gleason score:

  • 6 points – low risk;
  • 7 points – moderate risk.



Diagnosis of prostate cancer in Israel.


Symptoms and risk factors of prostate cancer.


♦ Immunotherapy of prostate cancer is a treatment with drugs that activate the human immune system to fight cancer cells of the prostate tumor. ⇒ Immunotherapy for prostate cancer in Israel


♦ Molecular oncotests help to obtain more accurate and effective treatment for each patient. ⇒ See review of all the molecular oncotests done in Israel.

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